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Child-Proof Apps & Internet Access On Your Android Device With Xooloo App Kids

Kids these days love playing games more on smartphones or tablets than they do on video gaming consoles or PCs. Though if you’re a parent, it’s hard not to get stressed about what your kid might end up doing with your phone besides playing games. Even if your children have their own mobile phone – whether an old one of yours without a cellular connection, or their own with proper calling and abilities – you wouldn’t want them to surf unsafe zones of the web or use apps that may be inappropriate for them. Fortunately there are various mobile apps designed to protect your kids from potentially dangerous content, and Xooloo App Kids is an awesome free option for Android that I recently came across. It basically allows you to control the apps your kids may access, by working as a launcher replacement for your Android and letting you block access to apps that you don’t want your kids to use. You can use it to block access to web browsers, password managers, some particular games that have proven to be way too addicting for them, or even YouTube. Details to be followed after the jump.

The security Xooloo App Kids provides is pretty robust and cannot be easily bypassed by your kids. It has a simple interface, making it easy to use and configure. Here’s how it works: when you launch the app for the first time, Xooloo asks you to provide a working email address where it will send you the activation code. Next up, you need to provide a 4-digit PIN to lock Xooloo and block access to apps you don’t want your kids to access.

Xooloo App Kids 1 Xooloo App Kids 2

Immediately on the next screen, you will need to input the activation code. Just check your inbox, type or paste the code into the app from the activation email, and hit Done. Next up, Xooloo will load a list of installed apps on your device, and you can specify the authorized applications that can be accessed by your kids. The final input required from your side is to select Xooloo App Kids as your default launcher replacement.

Xooloo App Kids 3 Xooloo App Kids 4 Xooloo App Kids5

That’s all there is to setting Xooloo App Kids on your phone. The rather funky home screen of the launcher presents the apps that you have authorized, as well as shortcuts to the Safe Surf Internet browser (available as a paid option, with a 3-months free trial) and Wallpapers. Tapping Wallpapers allows you to change the default background either from a bunch of images that come packaged with the app, or from your own images. The Settings screen, which can only be accessed after entering the 4-digit PIN, allows you to block or unblock apps, change your PIN code, or uninstall Xooloo. In addition, you can specify a certain time frame for automatically enabling or denying access to the selected apps.

Xooloo App Kids 6 Xooloo App Kids 7

Xooloo is a great app that cannot be easily bypassed by younger children and while not being the very best in the business, it can still keep your children safe from harmful or inappropriate content in apps and on the internet.

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