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Chrome Remote Desktop For Android Gives Remote Access To Your Computer

Chrome Remote Desktop is a really useful Chrome app that lets you remotely access computers. It débuted in 2011 and required you have a computer to remotely access a PC or Mac but Google has just released the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android which means you no longer need a computer to remotely access your computer. At present, the app lets you access computers that are linked to your Google Account so you can’t necessarily use it to help troubleshoot a friend’s computer but we can hope the app will add the feature soon, or eventually. To remotely access your computer from your Android device, you need to have the Chrome Remote Desktop app installed in Chrome on your desktop, and the Chrome Remote Desktop app installed on your Android device. You must also be signed into Chrome on your desktop with the same account you use on your device. Here’s the step-by-step breakdown to get things going.

Both your computer and your Android device must have internet access.

On Your Desktop

Install Chrome Remote Desktop in Chrome for desktop and sign in (Go to Settings) with the same account you use on your Android device and launch the app. You’ll get the following screen;

my computers

Click Get Started and click Enable Remote Access. You will be asked to set up a PIN and that’s about it.

choose pin


On Your Android Device

Install Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android on your device. If you use more than one account on your Android device, the app will let you switch between accounts from the Action bar. Once you’ve selected the correct account, tap the refresh button and wait for your computer to be listed. If the computer appears with a grey icon it means that the computer has connected to your account but is offline. An online computer has a blue icon. Tap the computer you want to access and enter the PIN you just set up in the previous step on your desktop.

Screenshot_2014-04-17-18-28-06 Screenshot_2014-04-17-16-09-10

And you’re in;

remote access

The action bar lets you bring up a keyboard and access additional settings. The close button will collapse the action bar and you will be switched to full-screen mode. The additional settings allow you to close the connection and to send the Crtl-Alt-Del command to your computer. Download links for both the Chrome and Android app are below.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop For Chrome

Install Chrome Remote Desktop From Google Play Store



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