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Clickfree Comes To Android; Lets You Backup Media, Apps, Contacts & More To SD Card Or Dropbox

Clickfree is a trusted data backup/restore solution provider for Windows and Mac devices. Not only is the company known for its user-friendly applications, but also features several rugged, plug-and-play USB drives that come with the capability of automatically backing up their entire data or just specified content stored on your computer’s hard drive. In an attempt to target the fast-flourishing mobile market, the company has decided to provide Android users with a nifty local and online data backup solution in the form of Clickfree Backup. This neatly-built app presents you with arguably one of the best methods to instantly backup your crucial Android data – photos, music, videos, documents, apps, bookmarks, contacts and calendar events – to your device’s local storage (SD card), as well as Dropbox. In addition, the app sports a built-in content viewer that lets you natively preview photos, music, documents, bookmarks and videos from your backup instances. That’s not all; it also lets you reinstall your favorite apps on your Android device right from within the local backup, or from the cloud.


Although there is already no shortage of user-friendly data backup/restore solutions for Android in the Google Play Store, few combine all aforementioned features in one single package. This is where Clickfree Backup steps in. It is your one-stop shop for all your local and online data backup needs, letting you preview almost any file type on-the-fly, and provides you ample control over the content that you wish to backup. Needless to say, the app requires Dropbox authorization in order to access your personal cloud space.


Looking at the app’s main interface, we see a total of four buttons, namely Options, Viewer, Restore and Start. Options is from where you can select whatever content you wish to backup, and where. For instance, you can create a local backup of all your Android content, or back up your contacts, calendar events and bookmarks to Dropbox. Various options available under the Advanced menu on this screen let you delete the last local backup instance from your Android’s storage, exclude data backups from the SD card, and show exceptions for files/apps that require root access in order to be backed up.


Once you’ve selected required content and storage for the backup, hit the Start button on the app’s main screen to begin the backup process. Upon completion, the Viewer and Restore buttons on the app’s homescreen are automatically activated. To explore and preview content within your backups, hit the Viewer button. As mentioned earlier, the Viewer feature of the app can be used to preview photos, videos, music tracks, and bookmarks. Tapping Applications on the Viewer screen lets you view the list of all the apps that are included within the backup. Tapping an app title takes you to its installation screen. To restore all the apps, as well as other selected data from within the backup, hit the Restore button.


While the app can prove to be a lifesaver in all such situations where you’re looking to instantly backup your important Android data locally or to the cloud, it doesn’t let you pick desired content from within the supported categories. That is, you have no control over what apps, contacts or multimedia files you want to be included in the backup, since the app automatically detects all the relevant data under each individual category, and creates a generic backup of the underlying contents. Same applies to the app’s restore feature, too. That said, if you’re into the habit of keeping a close tab on what content you keep on your device, chances are high that you’ll always prefer the generic backup/restore mode, as is offered by Clickfree.


Clickfree Backup is free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run. Download the app via the link provided below, but before that, check out the app’s demo video.

Download Clickfree Backup For Android

Update: The app now supports scheduled backup of content, and integrates with almost all the popular cloud storage services, including SkyDrive, Box, Google Drive & ElephantDrive etc.

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