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Compress Any Video To A Custom Size On Your Android Device

Yesterday we published a cheat sheet of video editing apps for Android. The purpose of the post was to pin-point for readers apps that did what we though were essential video editing functions, for free and without adding a watermark. One of our readers asked for an app that could help compress a video and sure enough, we found one that did the trick. Meet Video Compressor a free app as simple as its name and yet surprisingly good. It features ads but we’re not complaining because one; they are not annoyingly intrusive and two; because this app lets you choose the exact size (in MB) that you want to compress a video to.

Open the app and select the video you want to compress. Select the output folder and enter a name for the output file. Next, in the Compressed File Size field, enter what size you want the output file to be. Tap Convert and let the app work. An icon will appear in the status bar to indicate the app is working and you can pull down the notification area to view compression progress.

Video Compressor Video Compressor_working

The app doesn’t give a HUD for when compression is complete so you’ll have to keep an eye on the status bar and/or notification area to check if compression has finished. The app compressed a video without compromising the quality too much. We compressed a 56MB file down to just 10MB. It wasn’t even grainy. Overall, an excellent little app that more people should know about.

Install Video Compressor From The Google Play Store

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