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Cosmos Is Support.com’s 3-In-1 System Optimization App For Android

Although Google Play Store is filled with plenty of Android system optimization and performance enhancement apps, few live up to their claims of boosting your device’s performance considerably. As always, we’ve been trying our best to bring some of the best (and mostly free) quality options in this regard, with AirCover, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up, Android Speed Booster and MP Task Manager being some of the noteworthy few. Adding to the long list is Support.com’s Cosmos – a 3-in-1 system optimization tool for your Android that supports a built-in battery saver, junk cleaner and privacy scanner. Making a mark among users amidst such fierce competition is not possible unless you bring something relatively fresh to the table, and this is exactly what Cosmos thrives on. Sporting a neat, uncluttered interface, the app helps you analyze and get rid of all the problematic facets of your Android device, and in doing so, lets you resolve most of the issues with a mere tap.

Cosmos-Android-Home Cosmos-Android-Notification-Panel

The app is free of any extensive configurations whatsoever, and there is enough helpful material provided within various segments of Cosmos to help you get a good grip over all the different features that it supports. All three aforementioned main tools/options are accessible from the app’s main interface.

The Battery Optimizer screen is divided into three main tabs, namely Optimizer, Consumption and Help. The Optimizer tab houses the all-important Battery Optimizer toggle that you can enable to engage one of the three different power (battery saving) modes that Cosmos supports. While in Balanced mode, the app controls your device’s Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile data. Under this profile, internet connectivity is enabled after every 15 minutes so that various installed apps can access their respective services to check for any latest updates. In addition, your app’s display is also adjusted accordingly to extract maximum life out of the battery.

Cosmos-Android-Battery-Profile Cosmos-Android-Battery-Consumption

Under the Power Saver mode, internet connectivity is enabled after every 30 minutes. Apart from your device’s display levels, various sound settings are also adjusted accordingly. Finally, if you opt to switch to the Extreme power-saving mode, the app restricts your access to the internet by switching off all the various connections. Moreover, data synchronization by various apps is completely disabled, Bluetooth is turned off, and display/sound settings are set to the least levels to extract maximum life out of your fast-fading battery.

Tap the Consumption tab, and you can check your device’s current battery levels. In addition, you can find out the approximate battery timing that you’ll get with the remaining battery life at hand to play your music, watch videos, make phone calls, or surf the web. Provided the app’s Battery Optimization service is activated, you can keep an eye on the remaining battery hours and percentage right from within your Android’s notification panel via a compact widget.

Cosmos-Android-Trash-Cleaner Cosmos-Android-Trash-Cleaner-Storage

Using the app’s Trash Cleaner tool, you can keep an eye on your device’s internal as well as external storage, and clean up your device’s search history, browser cache, and call logs with a mere tap.

Cosmos-Android-Privacy-Scanner Cosmos-Android-Privacy-Scanner-Apps

The Privacy Scanner tool offered by Cosmos lets you filter all the installed apps that have been granted permission to access various aspects of your Android. Whether you want to find out all the apps that have the propensity to intercept the outgoing calls, have access to your personal information, can access the internet, or are tracking your current location, you can keep a close tab on them all right from within this particular segment of the app. Tapping an app from the list takes you to its App Info screen within your device’s system settings.

Check out the app’s official demo video below.

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