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Cover Is An Intelligent Android Lock Screen With Quick Access To Apps Based On Context

From fancy looking themes to the most minimalistic ones, and even lookalikes of Galaxy S4 and iOS 7, Android gives us countless ways to customize your device’s lockscreen. Today, we’re going to take a look at a way to totally revamp the Android lock screen using a new app called Cover. With a few neat tricks under its belt, Cover is all about presenting you with ‘The right apps at the right time’, in a way similar to the amazingly intelligent Aviate launcher. In other words, it basically learns about the apps you use and when you use them most, and automatically brings them up when they are most likely to be useful to you. You can then immediately peek at the app or even open it via swiping in from its icon. Despite currently being in beta, it works well and has an impressive interface, boasting some really great wallpapers that change based on the time and context.

When you launch the app, Cover walks you through an introduction, dishing out some tips and tricks that can help you make the best of it. It also asks you to enter your home and work addresses (for stateside users only) so it can automatically show you relevant apps at work, home or when you’re on the road. You can also skip this and jump straight to the main lock screen area.

Cover_Get Started Cover_Intro2 Cover_Intro1

Don’t expect a whole lot of fancy stuff on your lock screen; Cover looks really simple, but in no way non-functional. At first run, Cover shows a vertical list of some of the default Android applications on the left side, but it learns as you go and replaces them with more relevant ones as it learns. You can peek into or access the app via a simple swipe gesture – just tap and hold the required item, and then swipe towards the right.

On the right, there’s a clock widget displaying the current time and date, above which you’ll find a minuscule Setup drop-down menu that switch between and configure your lock screen profiles labelled Home, Work, Car and Out. In Addition, you can change the wallpaper and access ti Cover’s Settings screen.

Cover_LockScreen Cover_Messaging Cover_Lockscreen2

Even when you’re not on the lock screen, Cover provides another option to quickly switch to any of the apps most relevant to your current context. A simply downward swipe from the top-right corner of the screen will bring in a small sidebar, from where you can select your desired app. While the default app switcher in Android is already quite intuitive, Cover just gives you another option. Of course, you will have to give Cover a few days before it can learn your activity pattern in order to bring the right apps up when required. And in case you want to further configure the app, like changing your home or work address, or swapping the app switcher’s position, you can do all that from the app’s settings.

Cover_Sidebar Cover_Settings

Cover is currently available only in select Play Store regions as a public beta, and goes with a price tag of free.

Install Cover for Android

If the app isn’t available in your country, you may join this Google Group to get the APK (thanks, Android Police!).


  1. Pity that it doesn’t work with Wi-Fi unlocker… I am used to have an unlock pin which is automatically disablen when on home network

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