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Create Scheduled Notification Panel Reminders With Lotify For Android

The Android notification bar provides you with a quick and convenient means to take a peek at all your important phone, social media and other events and updates. Be it the app update notifications from the Play Store, your upcoming calendar event, a missed called alert or a critical system upgrade notification, the bar serves as a dedicated spot on your device to remind you about virtually every important thing. With the previously reviewed ReNotify, we have already seen a very handy solution to create multiple custom notification bar alerts that can keep you apprised of your important tasks/notes without requiring you to rely on any overly complicated alarm, to-lo list management or reminder apps. New to the market, Lotify is yet another app belonging to said genre that can be called an enhanced variant of ReNotify. Besides supporting almost all the core features of the aforementioned app, Lotify brings to the table certain subtle personalization tweaks, as well as the option to create scheduled notification bar alerts.

Just like ReNotify, this app lets you create custom notification bar alerts/reminders, complete with custom title and brief description, by simply tapping the Lotify icon within your device’s notification shade. You may create as many notes from anywhere within the entire OS as you want, and make each note distinguishable from the other by assigning it a custom icon. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (and higher) users can use the two finger swipe gesture to view a brief description about the note, whereas users with older versions of Android will have to make do with just the subject/title of the note itself.


A Lotify notification can take three different forms: scheduled notifications, ongoing notifications and temporary notifications. Once on the new notification screen, you can assign the note a subject, a message and an icon of choice. Using the toggles at the bottom, you may decide to keep the reminder as an ongoing and/or scheduled one, or just a temporary one. In the latter’s case, swiping sideways, or tapping a notification from the notification shade will dismiss the message permanently.

An ongoing notification, on the other hand, cannot be cleared from said area via the clear button or the swipe-to-dismiss gesture. Instead, tapping such notification will take you to the app’s main UI, prompting you to clear the note once and for all if you choose. Should you opt to create a scheduled notification, you’ll be asked to specify the date, as well as the start and end time for the notification to display and it will show up at the assigned time, for the specified duration.


By default, the app keeps its new notification addition option persistently accessible from your device’s notification shade. You can however, disable this option by navigating to Menu > Disable “Add new” on the app’s main screen.

All in all, Lotify proves to be another remarkably simple to use solution for placing custom notes/reminders on your Android’s notification dropdown. Though there are certain improvements that can help the app get even better. For instance, the developer can consider adding the option to edit existing notes, maintain history of previously created notes, switch between dark and light theme, and/or allow users to pick custom notification icons from the Gallery.

Download Lotify Notification Maker For Android

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