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Current Caller ID By WhitePages Is A Social CID App For Android

WhitePages, one of the leading people & business contact lookup services, has just launched a rebranded and revamped version of their famous Caller ID Android app with a fresh look and a plethora of new features. With what’s now being titled in the Google Play Store as Current Caller ID, Android users get to see a wonderful blend of an intuitive caller ID UI with real-time informative content based on your callers’ location, social network updates from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, and the extent of your interaction with them. In addition, the app helps you easily and instantly identify callers – whether individuals or businesses – by pulling contact information from no less than 300 million registered phone numbers stored in WhitePages’ extensive and constantly-updated database, and displaying it right on your Android’s caller ID screen. Current Caller ID is more than just a gorgeous-looking social caller ID app; it is also laced with plenty of cool infographic content that helps you sneak peek into your calling and texting habits by showing you detailed statistics pertaining to your most frequently called and texted to numbers, your favorite time of making these interactions, and the mode in which you interact with a particular contact the most. Continue reading past the break to find out what else Current Caller ID for Android has on offer.


Caller ID might not be as feature-rich as the previously reviewed CallApp, but with the latter now out of the scene, Android users can, at least, relish the prospect of resorting to a very fine (Holo-themed) alternative for the time being. Continuing with the app’s extensive and impressive list of features, a fine little widget supported by Current Caller ID helps you instantly reach out to any of your most frequent contacts from the past three months. Plus, the app has its own beautifully designed status bar alerts for incoming, outgoing, missed as well as withdrawn calls, and for sent as well as received text messages.


For each contact, you can learn about the last time you interacted with them (and how), their location/area of calling, the 5-day weather forecast fetched from Wunderground.com, live status updates pulled from all three supported social services, local news powered by topix, the exact and best time of your interactions, duration of calls made between you and them, the Text Balance (comparison of sent and received text messages), and complete contact info, comprising whatever details the app can fetch from over the internet or from your own provided material. Besides all that, Current Caller ID lets you manage contacts, add new ones to the address book, map contact addresses, search across the WhitePages repository for required contacts and hide a particular contact from the list of frequently accessed people.


On the app’s moveable and expandable caller ID screen, you can opt to get as much information as you need. Be it the caller ID itself, the local weather, news or recent status updates from the associated social network accounts, the app lets you pick whatever content you feel you need to have on screen whenever a contact calls you.


By default, the app has the capacity to log historical data regarding all calls & texts for a max of 3 months. This time period can, however, be increased to as long as 12 months through in-app purchasing by shedding $1.99. Otherwise, all aforementioned features can be availed without spending a penny.

Download Current Caller ID For Android

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