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Hive Locker: Custom Android Lock Screen Replacement With Online Theme Library & Quick Access Controls

Fresh to the Google Play Store, Hive Locker is a free, custom Android lockscreen replacement app with polished looks, an online theme and wallpaper library, and plenty of user-friendly features that help make your Android device’s lock screen productive as well as visually appealing. The app lets you explore and download various catchy lockscreen themes from its online repository and embellish your device’s lockscreen with a custom background image. It also supports its own neatly-built notification center that can display notifications pertaining to the total number of unread text messages, as well as the message content. The app also comes with its own built-in pattern unlock to help you secure your beloved Android. Moreover, it can be set to show/hide the status bar on the lockscreen, play various audio tones upon unlocking the device, and last, but not the least, brings several quick access controls that can be used to unlock straight to your favorite caller, messaging and camera app, toggle the flashlight On/Off, or circle between various sound profiles.


All said features apart, it’s the app’s flashy looks and sparkling animations that make it a stand-out contender among all its counterparts. Most of the supported themes and wallpapers are of high definition quality, and appeal with their pleasant aesthetics.


All aforementioned customizable settings are accessible from the app’s main interface. Apart from activating/deactivating the app’s lockscreen service, you can use said interface to head over to the app’s native theme and wallpaper library. While the theme library screen lets you explore the local and online offerings, the wallpaper library screen provides the additional option of selecting a custom background for your lockscreen. As of now, all online content is available for download for free. Once you stumble upon the content of your liking, you can download it to your device, and set it as the default theme/wallpaper right from within the preview screen.


Looking at some of the other settings available on the app’s main interface, we have the option to enable/disable the app’s notification settings for viewing unread message notification count and message content. Also, from the same screen, you can enable the app’s pattern unlock feature, set the default time and date format, and toggle various options On/Off, such as hiding the status bar on the lockscreen, enabling vibration, and playing sounds upon unlocking the device.


Now, let’s shift our focus to the lockscreen itself. Each chosen lockscreen theme is slider-based, and is set to display the current time and date, by default. In case you opt to avail the app’s native pattern unlock feature, you’re required to first clear the slider unlock and then provide the correct pattern in order to unlock your device. Provided your device is currently in charging mode, you can keep an eye on the current charging level via a green progress bar at the bottom of the lockscreen.


Various on-screen indicators (star, ring, dot etc.) on each individual lock screen serve as the button to launch the app’s quick access controls screen. Various controls present on this screen let you instantly unlock to different aforementioned apps or toggle the flashlight, as well as different sound profiles; all with a mere tap.

Download Hive Locker for Android


  1. Love it, little bit more battery drain than usual, but can live with that, however enabling weather force closes the app!!

  2. Clpo13; would you like a copy of the apk? I’ve got one available if you’d like to send on your email address.

  3. Clpo13; would you like a copy of the apk? I’ve got one available if you’d like to send on your email address.

  4. Unfortunately, Hive Locker appears to be missing from the Play Store. I can’t find any alternative place to download it nor can I figure out why it was pulled.

    • You’re right. Just checked. A shame, really. I’ve seen apps taken down shortly after they hit the store. Some of them eventually returned. Let’s hope the same happens with Hive Locker.

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