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Shift Work Schedule: Customizable Calendar That Follows Your Work Week [Android]

Part time work, whether done remotely from the comfort of your home or done on-location usually requires a schedule. Where part time work offers extra cash and a more flexible schedule, it also comes with the slight complication of having an unusual schedule. Your weeks don’t always begin on a Monday, some days you’re working nights and other days you’re working a day shift. It’s hard to keep track of it all and adding it to a calendar app is very time consuming. Meet Shift Work Schedule, a calendar app that exists for the sole purpose of making shift tracking easy. You get a calendar where you can select the start and end of the week according to your work schedule and a long rich list of shift combos that you might be working in to highlight on this calendar. The app also has a nice search feature that lets you check if you’re supposed to be working a particular day and it lets you customize its appearance down to the background.  The app will automatically highlight all corresponding start and end days of your work week based on the day you select and it highlights days that you’re working.

Shift Work Schedule  Shift Work Schedule week

To customize the color the start and end of the week is highlighted in, and to select your shift schedule, tap the more button and go to the app’s settings. Tap one of the color properties to change the color. The color picker isn’t the easiest to use; you have to move the sliders and a preview of the color appears at the left of the sliders. You manually select the start of the week and set your shift pattern from the list of supported patterns. The app differentiates between day and night shifts and supports different combos of On and Off days.

Shift Work Schedule settings Shift Work Schedule shifts

When you return to the main screen of the app, your changes will be duly highlighted. To view shifts for the coming months, scroll down. Tap the calendar icon and you will return to the current month. To check if you will be working a particular day, tap the search button and enter a date. It will be highlighted on the calendar and you can check if it is a working day for you or not by the color of that date.  Lastly, you can change the background from the more button.

Shift Work Schedule search  Shift Work Schedule bg


The app is pretty good; it does the job well and has a decent design to boot so you don’t have to force yourself to use it. As far as features are concerned, the app doesn’t let you add days when you might be working an extra shift which is its only drawback.

Install Shift Work Schedule From The Google Play Store


  1. it has nice calendar widget, i dont work shifts, so i just use this app as good looking calendar widget

    • it has custom shifts, you can make your own pattern if it is not in shift list.

  2. I much prefer the “my work schedule” app. It allows you to integrate different jobs and syncs with Google calendar so you can have all of your schedule in one place.

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