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D7 For Android: Calendar-Based To-Do List Manager With Metro UI

The Metro UI has amassed a lot of praise for its elegant and functional interface, and rightly so, for it surpasses most other smartphone OS when it comes to aesthetics. Although there are plenty of Android apps designed using elements of said UI, if you’re looking for a Metro-styled to-do list manager, look no further than D7. Dipped in pure Metro flavors, D7 brings several simple-to-use features to expedite your routine task management. Unlike most to-do list management apps, D7 employs a calendar interface to help you easily create new to-do tasks for relevant days. In addition, the app supports various swipe gestures to let you navigate to the required date/day on the calendar, and to let you mark tasks as done/complete. That’s not all; you can also change the app’s theme color according to your liking, and set custom images as the background for tiles of as many as three different days of the week.

D7-Android-Tutorial1 D7-Android-Tutorial2 D7-Android-Tutorial3

Although the app is fairly simple to use, the couple of help screens at launch can still be of assistance, especially if you’re relatively new to Android. The app’s homescreen represents various days of the ongoing week via separate tiles, where the largest tile is dedicated to the current day. Apart from displaying the date and day, said tile is set to display the current temperature as well as time. The larger number on each tile represents the total tasks added to that particular day, whereas the smaller number/digit represents the total number of tasks that have been marked as done.

D7-Android-Home D7-Android-Tiles

Swiping sideways on this screen lets you switch between weeks. To create a new task, tap the tile of the relevant date, feed in the task details and you’re done. To mark a task as done, swipe on its title towards the right. To undo this action, swipe in the opposite direction. To remove an item from the list, hit the trash bin button at the bottom, which will enable the delete mode. All you need to do then is hit the red icon displayed alongside each individual task to remove it from the list altogether. While viewing your today’s tasks, you can also keep an eye on upcoming ones as well, along with the total count of the overall tasks from the following days. To head back straight to the current week view from any other screen, just hit the D7 button.

D7-Android-Days D7-Android-My-Tasks

To tweak the app’s appearance settings, hit the settings button in the bottom-right side of the screen. From said screen, you can change the app’s theme color and tinker with the custom photos settings for various tiles. As of now, the app lets you pick from three different theme colors, which include red, green and blue.

As mentioned earlier, D7 can be set to display custom background images on as many as three different tiles on its current week screen. In this regard, it offers you three different templates. While the first two templates can be used to select between the preferred order of the tiles that should be displaying the photos, the last template is for those who’d rather prefer not to display any photos on the app’s interface at all. Provided you decide to proceed with one of the first two templates, you can select a custom image for each tile, or just stick to the default photos.

D7-Android-Settings D7-Android-Settings-Photos

While the app didn’t scale all that well on the comparatively larger screen size of Galaxy Nexus, it fit perfectly and worked like a charm on HTC HD2. The joy of availing a fully Metro-ish to-do list manager on Android apart, the app still can improve on numerous fronts to become a preferred choice of most Android users. For instance, one can expect the future updates of the app to not only iron out all existing wrinkles, but also bring several additional goodies, including reminders, online calendar sync, landscape support, provision to add longer task texts, and routine performance enhancements etc.

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