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Dayframe Is Like Android’s Daydream & Facebook Home On Steroids

Remember the Daydream feature introduced in Android 4.2.2 and Facebook Home? The folks at cloud.tv – well-regarded for their HD Widgets app – want to take full advantage of this Android feature, refine it a few notches, and turn it into a new fascinating imagery app called Dayframe. Newly released on the Play Store, this app lets you view your favorite photos from popular image sharing services like Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook etc. as photo stream slideshows, turning your phone or tablet into a digital photo frame without shelling on any expensive upgrade. Read on for our full hands-on review.

To get you acquainted with what it really does, Dayframe mimics the Daydream feature introduced in Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, adding photo streams from popular social and photo sharing networks. The app currently supports streams from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, 500px, Dropbox, and Google+. You can also upload photos straight from your device’s local Gallery.

Dayframe provides a very simple interface at the start, letting you choose your desired service right off the bat. Once you’ve picked your favorite service or skipped this process (you can always add services later at any time from the sidebar), you’re asked to select up to three unique photp streams of your choice to personalize your content. Among the available options, you will find Digital Art, Cinema, Foodie Food, Awesome People, Gaming, Geek Culture, Pop Music and a truckload more.

Dayframe Dayframe_Add your photos Dayframe_Photostreams

Next, you’re taken to the home screen of the app, which is fairly easy to navigate. It presents a mix of photo streams from your subscribed social media, cloud and photo sharing sites. Images are presented as large tiles, and tapping on a tile launches the slideshow. The dev-team has also made Dayframe fully-compatible with Android 4.4 KitKat. To make best use of the app, cloud.tv also recommends getting a stand for the device you’re using.

Dayframe Main Dayframe_Screensaver

Even after everything has been configured, you can choose to display a number of additional streams by linking additional services, users, etc. There’s also Hashtag support that makes it great for parties or events, where you want to show off your photos about the event or the people around you. In short, there’s plenty to explore. Slideshows simply look fantastic in full screen mode, and you can always choose to manually skip a photo if you want.

Swipe left or right on the home screen, and Dayframe will throw in more options at your disposal via sidebars. ‘Discover’ is particularly great if you wish to add more photo streams. What’s more, you can set a timer for when you want Dayframe to kick in.

Dayframe Left bar Dayframe View Image Dayframe Right bar

A paid version of the app by the name of Dayframe Prime is also in the making, which will offer advanced timers and playlist options, weather display, and syncing over multiple devices etc. In a nutshell, Dayframe is a brilliant photo slideshow app with loads of awesome features.

Install Dayframe from PlayStore

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