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Directflights.com Brings Its Flight Tracking App To Android & iOS

Tracking, searching for, and booking flights to your required worldwide destinations from your mobile device is fast becoming a norm. People nowadays no longer feel the need to rely solely on their browsers to sift through each individual airline’s website to get the cheapest flight deals, as there are plenty of useful alternatives available in the form of flight tracking and booking mobile apps. Directflights.com is one comprehensive travel comparison web service that has been around for quite some time, and has just recently launched its official Android and iOS client. Unlike the service itself, the mobile app of Directflights.com is currently all about flight searching and booking. The app aims to connect you to worldwide airline services so that you can search for, compare and book the most economical flights to your preferred destinations.

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Just like the already reviewed flight booking apps Hipmunk, SkyScanner, Momondo et al, the official mobile client of Directflights.com also focuses on letting users instantly ‘get into the business’ upon launch.

Directflights.com-Android-Search-Suggestion Directflights.com-Android-Date Directflights.com-Android-Passengers

Neither you’re required to log in to any services, nor sign up for new accounts. Instead, all you need to do is launch the app, hit Search Flights, and let the app know about your travel preferences. In this regard, you’re required to provide it with the details of your departure location, the destination, departure and return dates (in case of a return flight), number of passengers, and the flight class. From the same screen, you can also opt to get the list of direct flights only. It is also worth mentioning here that real-time search suggestions help you easily and instantly find the intended locations. Once all the required details are provided, hit the Search button.

Directflights.com-Android-Results Directflights.com-Android-Review

What follows is the search result screen that lists all relevant matches regarding your personal search preferences. Along with each search result, you’re presented with the ticket price, airline info, route details, timings, and the relevant CO2 rating. By tapping Menu on this screen, you can Filter and Sort these search results in multiple ways. You also get the option to bookmark and share search results right from within said screen. Among other options, the app maintains detailed log of your previous flight and location searches, and lets you choose a local currency in which you want the ticket prices to be displayed.

Directflights.com-Android-CO2-Rating Directflights.com-Android-Connect Directflights.com-Android-Book

Tapping a search result takes you to another screen that lets you review the relevant flight details, and confirm your booking via the online travel agency. That’s it! An uncluttered, instantaneous, and economical means to travel with your favorite airline service via the preference and route of your choice. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Download Directflights for Android

Download Directflights for iPhone, iPad & Pod touch

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