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Discover New YouTube Song Videos On Android & iOS With Music Monster

Blending the concept of online music discovery and social music sharing, Music Monster is a feature-rich Android and iOS app that comes loaded with tons of interesting features. The app fetches the best, popular and trending music videos and video playlists featured on YouTube, and lets you create custom audio playlists out of them and the local tracks of your choice. One of the high points of Music Monster is its various music exploration tools that allow users to browse tracks by genre, nationality, artist, most & recently listened, season, top YouTube playlists, rankings and those that other Music Monster you’re following are listening to. Besides searching for tracks and managing custom playlists, you can comment on and like posts by other users, and keep a close tab on your own activities on the Music Monster network in a number of ways. Videos can be played in a fullscreen view or in the background like regular audio tracks.

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With most recording companies, music celebrities and budding artists resorting to the video hosting services of YouTube these days to promote their work, it is only fitting to have apps like Music Monster. Of course, you can search YouTube itself for music videos as well, but with Music Monster, your music exploration and socializing tasks are expedited manifold, since the focus is entirely on music videos. In order to enjoy the personalization and socializing aspects of the app, you’re required to log in using a Music Monster account. Registration is free, and can be done from within the app.

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In addition to advanced music discovery filters and playlist management, you’re sure to appreciate the detailed information that Music Monster displays regarding your favorite artists. With just a few swipes, you can go through the entire biography of the artist, check out their best songs & albums, and get recommendations for similar artists.

Music Monster can also be considered a one-stop solution for staying updated with all the news from the musical world. It lets you recommend best tracks to your social contacts, bookmark favorite items, view the latest music rankings, and post your own activities to your preferred social networks.

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The app’s Holo UI deserves a special mention, too. When launched, you’re welcomed by the Ranking tab that lists user recommendations at the very top, followed by the top 20 video tracks, trending artists and all the various music genres supported by Music Monster. Swiping sideways, you can navigate to the top playlists and your Music Monster activities. The app’s personalization isn’t just restricted to letting users create custom playlists out of select tracks; it even lets you set custom covers for your playlists from desired tracks.

Once tracks start streaming, you can control playback via the omnipresent, compact control bar at the bottom. The app’s main music player interface lets you comment on current track, add an item to favorites, share tracks, toggle the repeat & shuffle function, and check out the current playlist.

On this note, it is worth mentioning that Music Monster does not support lockscreen controls, home & lock screen widgets or notification panel controls at the moment.

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As with any quality music discovery service, Music Monster supports searching tracks by titles, albums and artists. It can also keep you updated about various musical and social activities via real-time notifications.

Music Monster is available for free on iTunes App Store and Play Store. It is compatible with any device running iOS 5 or Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and higher.

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