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Discover & Share Statistics And Infographics With Numbeez For Android

Numbers, facts and figures play a vital role in our lives. Various numbers and figures – when recorded over a period of time and put together in the form of statistics and infographics – can reveal an entire story about various facets of your life. For instance, you might be interested in getting an overview of statistics such as your daily intake of fluids, the number of emails you send in a month, the amount of calories you burn everyday through workouts, your total hours of sleep, time spent in transit, monthly savings and what not. How about a mobile app that helps you keep track of these figures and presents you with neatly-laid out infographics whenever you want? Better yet, how about getting crowdsourced statistics from worldwide users regarding general topics of interest? This is what Numbeez is all about. Fresh to Google Play Store, Numbeez for Android is a unique statistics and social networking app based solely on user-submitted numbers and infographics regarding interesting topics. You may use the app as a personal information tracking app, or discover various statistics shared by other Numbeez users from different parts of the world.

As soon as you launch the app, you’ll instantly find out what Numbeez is all about. There is a huge variety of number-based content right on the main page; from the daily stock rates of various major companies to sportsperson ranks and user ratings of crowd-favorite TV shows, there are plenty of interesting figures to suit everyone’s interest.


The thing that impresses the most about Numbeez is its visually attractive interface that is split into three main tabs. The tab at the bottom-left displays a feed of the recent user activities on the Numbeez network; the one at the right lists all the Numbeez stories you own and follow, whereas the middle tab lets you view and create your own number-based stories.

For a better Numbeez experience, it is recommended that you first log in to the app using your Facebook ID, and then subscribe to a few posts of interests from the app’s content discovery section. To do this, tap the magnifying glass icon at the top-right. From here, you may start subscribing to the listed posts, or search for new ones by feeding in your preferred keyword in the search box at the top. Prior to subscription, you can also preview the information that a specific post contains. You have the option of adding as many different posts to your Numbeez news feeds as you like.


Once you have subscribed to some posts, you can swipe vertically on the news feed screen to scroll through the various posts shared by worldwide Numbeez users. Alongside each post, you can view the relevant username, title, picture, line graph, underlying value/figure, time of sharing, and number of likes the post has received. Swiping sideways on a post’s card lets you switch to other slides included within the post where each slide depicts the relevant value on a line graph registered for that particular day, whereas the graph itself reflects the percentage change in the values recorded on various days. To manually update the feed content, you may use the release-to-refresh gesture.

To check further details about a specific post, just tap its respective card. The screen that follows provides a clearer and larger picture of the entire post including the embedded image and the graph. Using the same sideways swipe gesture, you may check other slides contained within the post. Tapping the picture area allows you to switch between the image view, compact info view, and detailed statistical breakdown view that displays the post’s minimum, maximum and average values, as well as the deviation in percentage value of that particular day as compared to the previous day. By tapping the heart button at the bottom-left, you can like a particular post.


You can start posting your own stories by hitting the + tab on the app’s main screen. First, you’ll have to create a new post by specifying the relevant title, cover photo and unit of measurement. The padlock button at the bottom helps you toggle privacy mode for your posts. Once you’ve created your post, you can modify it further by altering the original value for that particular day, or recording new values for different days. You also have the option to start recording data for your posts from any date you wish.


Needless to say, as you keep updating the numerical value of an existing post or adding fresh slides with new figures to it, the relevant line graph is updated accordingly to reflect the relevant changes. While editing a post, you also have the option to supplemented it with some comments. In addition, you can directly post the updated story to Facebook right from the app.

Being a budding social network, Numbeez currently has just a handful of posts and infographics on its timeline. However, all that is sure to change once the app reaches out to masses. The developer has some really exciting ideas in the pipeline for Numbeez’s f future releases. These are likely to include a universal number-tracking feature that will allow users to track any statistics of interest from all over the internet. Also, an online invitation and better socializing system is in the works, that will certainly help crowdsource more interesting numbers from a wider audience all across the globe.

Numbeez is currently exclusive to Android devices only, and can be downloaded from the Play Store via the link provided below.

Download Numbeez For Android

Update: The iOS variant of Numbeez is now available in iTunes App Store, and can be downloaded via the link provided below.

Download Numbeez For iOS


  1. It’s on IOS as well, I just downloaded it from the app store on my iphone. Will play around with it, it sounds interesting

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