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DjRun Automatically Plays Songs With Tempos Matching Your Walking Pace [Android]

Tired of manually switching between music tracks to pick the ones that match your sprinting, running or jogging pace? Try DjRun – an innovative Holo-themed Android music player that can automatically play a track whose tempo (beats per minute) matches the pace of your current body movements. The app has the capacity to analyze and automatically select music tracks by their tempo to let you enjoy an uninterrupted walking, jogging, running or sprinting session, at least in terms of music playback. DjRun scans your local music library for all tracks according to their respective beats per minute, and then analyzes your current stride rate to keep circling between songs as per your movements. Already impressed? DjRun is laced with plenty of other goodies, including a built-in pedometer, playlist manager, track filter, visual indicator for current pace and lots more.

Apart from its alluring concept, another thing that instantly catches the eye is the app’s sleek, Holo-themed interface that presents all options in the simplest possible manner. What’s even better is that the app requires absolutely no configuration whatsoever. All you need to do after the very first launch, is wait for the app to scan and analyze your local music tracks’ metadata to sort them as per their respective beats per minute. Once that is taken care of and you’re ready for a sprint session, hit play, and let DjRun take control of your music playback.

DjRun-Android-Home DjRun-Android-Sort

Understanding the app’s method of automatically playing music tracks based on your current body movement is no rocket science either, since it only needs to read your device’s accelerometer values to determine the pace at which you’re currently moving. Better yet, DjRun has been designed to work equally effectively for various sporting activities, including hiking, cycling, rowing et al. So, you don’t always have to be on your feet to enjoy the this feature.

you can manually control music playback as well from within the Run tab. Then there are a few handy visual indicators available on the same screen that display your current movement mode (walking, jogging, running or sprinting), and your current stride rate.

DjRun-Android-Songs DjRun-Android-Playlist

Switching to the Songs tab, you can sort detected tracks by artist, title or tempo. Holding down on a specific track reveals a menu that houses several key options, such as excluding the track from the playlist, manually adjusting and saving the tempo of the track, rescanning the tempo metadata, and looking up the app’s online servers to analyze the exact tempo values of the track (needed in cases where a track’s metadata is unavailable).

DjRun is available in the Google Play Store as a free but feature-constrained app that lets you unlock its complete set of features through an in-app purchase. With the Pro (full) version, you can enjoy several other useful features, including the following:

  • Dynamic Playback Tempo to automatically set the current (any) track to play at the same pace as yours, without affecting the pitch shifts.
  • Access to the online DjRun servers to automatically look up for tracks that match your current stride rate
  • Efficient playlist management
  • Pin Mode to customize and set the target stride rate (handy for trainers)
  • Ad-free player interface

The download link provided below will take you to the app’s Google Play Store page.

Download DjRun for Android

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