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DLD Calc For Android Is A Fraction Calculator That Shows Step-By-Step Solutions

Math can pose difficulties for even the most brilliant minds among us. If you find yourself (or someone you know) often struggling with math class then you’re not alone. On the bright side, there is a whole variety of mobile apps that can help you out during those tough math lectures. One such app that I recently came across is DLD Calc, a free fractions calculator for Android that takes the burden off your shoulders when it comes to solving even the most daunting fraction problems. The app displays each step in a calculation involving fractions to help students of basic math figure out mistakes in their own solutions. Details after the break.

At first glance, DLD Cal seems like a simple calculator app with no added value, but dig deeper and you will find that it’s an extremely handy tool that does more than give you the answer to a difficult calculation. What makes it different from a standard calculator is that it shows you the entire solution, step by step. The layout of DLD Calc looks fairly similar to a standard calculator app.

DLD Calc

As far as its functionality goes, you can use this app for carrying out all your basic arithmetic calculations as well as solving complex fractions. It automatically keeps a record of the input value and displays it above the buttons layout.

The calculator offers all functions that are found in any standard, non-scientific calculator. The layout is also optimized for landscape orientation; the keypad is automatically split into two groups, one on each side of the screen.

DLD Calc_Landscape

When you hit the Equals button, the step-by-step solution is displayed on a separate screen as shown in the screenshot below.

Editor’s Note: Notice how the app doesn’t miss even the smallest and simplest steps in the calculation. It doesn’t just provide them with quick answers to help them speed through their math assignments; it actually teaches them how to get to the answers themselves.

DLD Calc_Result

The app is available for free at the Play Store. You can download it to your Android device from the link provided below.

Install DLD Calc from Play Store

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