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Easily Manage & Trade Your Dogecoins On Android With Dogecoin Wallet

The battle between cryptocurrencies is now blazing hot with Bitcoin taking the upper hand. It’s not an unknown fact that the value of Bitcoin recently soared over a staggering $1000 per unit, a massive surge for a currency that isn’t even regulated by any official financial body. But Bitcoin isn’t the only kid on the block, various alternatives – or should I say ‘alt-coins’- have now popped up out of nowhere looking to try for similar success. That said, if you’re aware of Bitcoin, then you might have also heard of Dogecoin, an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency like the former. Dogecoin, however, doesn’t have an official mobile app, which means trading your hard earned digital currency on the go is not plausible, or plain tedious. Fret not! Enter Dogecoin Wallet, an Android app that lets you manage your Dogecoin savings and transactions from your phone or tablet.

If you’re a first time Dogecoin user – or someone who just wants to learn how the system works before taking the plunge – I’d recommend going to the official Dogecoin site for further reading and understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Coming back to the app itself, Dogecoin Wallet isn’t an official app for said cryptocurrency – it’s source code is actually based on Bitcoin Wallet by Andreas Schildbach – though it claims being highly secure.

The app’s home screen displays your Dogecoin address (along with its QR code) as well as the balance in your wallet. You can swipe across the bottom of the screen to quickly view ‘Sent’ and ‘Received’ Dogecoins, or all transactions, under the ‘Both’ section.

Dogecoin Wallet Dogecoin Wallet_Send

Of course, the focus here is to let you trade Dogecoins on your mobile device, which means you can send or receive your payments within a few screen taps. All you have to do is enter the amount of Dogecoins you need to trade, the address of the recipient or from whom you will receive the said currency to process the transaction.


Dogecoin Wallet also lets you manage your Dogecoin Address book, allowing you to add new addresses to your wallet. Though, once an address has been added, it cannot be removed from within the app.

Dogecoin Wallet_Receieve Dogecoin Wallet_Add

While I wouldn’t try my luck on any cryptocurrency anytime soon – centralized payments systems like PayPal and Visa are simply more reliable – those looking to manage their Dogecoins on Android can give this app a shot.

Install Dogecoin Wallet from Play Store

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