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Dolphin Zero Is MoboTap’s New, Privacy-Focused Browser For Android

The recent revelations of NSA spying over our internet activities has caused quite a hullabaloo among the masses. If you’re online reading this article, chances are that your online activity is being monitored by the NSA or some other government agency. However, you may now avoid this altogether by using MoboTap’s new app dubbed Dolphin Zero, which aims to provide James Bond-level super secure web browsing. Released by the same company that has brought us the popular Dolphin Browser for Android and iOS, and being described as the ‘Snapchat of browsers’ , Dolphin Zero automatically keeps websites that you browse from tracking you, and deletes any data and information about your browsing session as soon as you exit it.

While we don’t usually expect fancy designs from web browsers, Dolphin Zero’s UI is a bit on the ‘too simple’ side. The app doesn’t really offer any settings or options at all, other than letting you change the search engine used for your queries. Speaking of the search engine, MoboTrap has also teamed up with DuckDuckGo to double down on its ‘Do Not Track’ policy. That means all your search queries will not be tracked in any way. Furthermore, the app doesn’t keep any info regarding form data, passwords, browser history, user’s address, book, cookies, location information etc.

Users can however, easily switch to other search options including Google, Yahoo and Bing. The address bar of the app has been well put together, making it work both as a URL bar and a search bar.

Dolphin Zero_Main Dolphin Zero_Search

When I used Dolphin Zero for the first time, I thought it was a browser that would simply block all web page advertisements and annoying third-party popups that nag our browsing experience, but I was wrong. Dolphin Zero still displays ads, including JavaScript and image banners. It’s basically a stripped-down version of the standard Dolphin browser, but with high-level security features built into its core.

On the bright side, you wouldn’t need to worry about your data being tracked by third-party cookies, as Zero automatically shreds all such information when you exit the browsing session. Hitting the menu key on your device will give you two options: Install and Exit. While the later is self explanatory, the former allows you to download the full version of Dolphin from Play Store.

Dolphin Zero_AT Dolphin Zero_Exit Dolphin Zero_Shred

Dolphin Zero is available free to download from Google Play, while a version for iOS will be arriving at some point, though MoboTrap has yet to let out any details regarding when that will happen.

Install Dolphin Zero from Play Store

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