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Doo Comes To Android; Provides On-The-Go Access To Cloud Documents

Doo is a document syncing service with desktop apps available for OS X 10.8+ and Windows 8. It initially gives you 25GB of storage space to try out, and allows you to connect folders on your hard drive, your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Skydrive to it in order to make all your documents available in a single cloud-synced location. A user can selectively pick the folders that will be synced to Doo. The service has just released its first smartphone app, and it is for the Android platform. For now, the app allows you to view a list of your cloud files complete with thumbnails, and lets you download any one of them to your phone. The app does not support uploading any file from your device yet though. However, you can search for files, or view them by name, date, flag, companies, people, and other tags that Doo supports on its desktop apps.

The service will be offering paid tiers soon and once they are live, the free storage space will be reduced to 1 GB after trial expiry if they don’t upgrade to a paid plan.

If this is the first time you’re using Doo, you will have to head over to your desktop and create an account, as well as download the app and upload files to it. Without a desktop app paired, Doo for Android isn’t really going to be of any use. Once you’re signed in, wait for the app to index the list of files you’ve synced with the cloud. This doesn’t download the files themselves to your device.

You can switch to Documents, Index, or Flagged views by clicking the Doo icon at the top left. The ‘Index’ view allows you to swipe through the different tags that Doo supports and find documents associated with a particular tag. The search feature can be used from the ‘Documents’ and ‘Flagged’ views.

Doo Doo index

You can click any file to view its details like the file type, date of creation etc. If you click the ‘Open’ button, the file will be downloaded to your drive and opened automatically, provided there is an app installed on your device that can open that type of files. The share button allows you to quickly share the file with anyone.

Doo’s settings can be accessed from the cog wheel button at the top-right of the slide-out menu. There isn’t much to manage here; you can view when the app last synced your files, and set the app to download files only when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, in order to save up on your mobile data usage.

Doo open Doo settings

The app is definitely a work-in-progress – it’s not as responsive as it should be, and syncing file lists can take unusually long at times, considering the files themselves aren’t downloaded in the process.

Download Doo For Android

Visit Doo Website

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  1. Hi! I work at doo, thanks for the article. Glad you like our Android app. Stay tuned for new versions with new features, coming very soon!

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