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By-Pass All Restrictions To Download App APKs Directly To Your Device [Android]

Just last week we reviewed Raccoon, a Windows application that let you download Android app APKs from from the Google Play Store to your computer. For apps hosted on the Google Play Store, a desktop application like Raccoon is possibly the easiest way to get the APK. Meet Apk Downloader Extension; unlike Raccoon, it is an Android app that lets you download app APKs to your Android device’s storage. All you have to do is open the link to an app in your browser (that’s right, no Google Play Service intervention needed) and use the share options to download the APK.

Apk Downloader Extension seems to work with any app that lets you open a URL and supports sharing options. So this means both the Google Play Store app and your browser can be used to download the APK. The role of the Google Play Store app or the browser is simply to fetch the name of the package. It will prompt you for permission to connect with your Google account.

Apk Downloader Extension Apk Downloader Extension permission

Open an app link in your browser and access the share options where you will see Apk Downloader Extension listed as one of them. Go ahead and select it. You’ll be switched to the app and the name of the app package will be added to the app automatically. Tap ‘Get’ and wait. The app doesn’t give you any indication that a download has started but you’ll see in the notification bar that the download is in progress. If you repeatedly tap the ‘Get’ button, the app will download the APK that many times. Once download is complete, the APKs are listed on the app’s home screen.

Apk Downloader Extension share Apk Downloader Extension compl

The app, by default doesn’t install the APK but you can visit the settings and enable the option. The app’s settings are in themselves pretty interesting. You can set any country or language from the settings and the app will download the APK accordingly. By default, the country is set to US which means the many apps that are primarily released to the US market (like Sling by Facebook) can be downloaded without you having to do anything. You can even set a mobile carrier, it doesn’t get better than this.

apk downloader settings Apk Downloader Extension pref


Apk Downloader Extension is great because downloading APKs is no longer something that is tied to your computer and you can also skip the whole process of connecting your device to your computer to transfer the APK.

Install Apk Downloader Extension From The Google Play Store

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