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A Look At The New SwiftKey Beta For Android With Cloud Support & Trending Phrases

SwiftKey, the makers of one of the most popular Android keyboard apps, has today unveiled a major update to their application dubbed SwiftKey Cloud. Available as a Beta release, the new version boasts a few new exciting features to make your touchscreen typing streamlined across all of your devices. The cloud option basically enables you to backup all your personalized data such as words, phrases, typing style, and other customizations straight to SwiftKey’s cloud server, which now makes it possible to import your language data should you upgrade to a new phone or tablet, and keep it synced across devices in case you own multiple ones. SwiftKey cites that the feature was added upon numerous requests from the app’s user base, who were facing problems in situations of lost devices or upgrades. Another new feature by the name of Trending Phrases now makes predictions based on what’s trending on social media worldwide.

I’ve never been a fan of touchscreen keyboards myself. Well, not until I got my hands on SwiftKey for the first time, which instantly blew me away by its staunch word predictions. It’s fairly effective and just works every time you need to insert that next word or phrase into what you’re typing. The latest beta update works exactly like its preceding version, from its initial setup to the actual typing interface. Even if you haven’t used SwiftKey before, the setup wizard is fairly simple to configure; you just need to choose your primary language(s) (up to 3 in total), enable SwiftKey under Language and Input Settings, and set it as your default keyboard. Existing users will notice a major addition in the setup screen, that being SwiftKey Cloud, of course.

SwiftKey_Setup 1 SwiftKey_Setup 2

SwiftKey ties up your Google account with the service to backup your settings. In addition to backing up your SwiftKey data, the service also keeps your data synced across multiple Android devices, for instance, your phone and tablet. This way, you will have the same personalized typing experience on all of your devices. You can tie your Google account with the service right from start. The Settings screen also now includes an additional section related to cloud options, from where you can manually backup and sync data, as well as see the total number of devices synchronized.

SwiftKey Cloud SwiftKey Cloud Personalize SwiftKey Cloud Settings

Another awesome new feature SwiftKey has introduced is called Trending Phrases. This feature analyzes the latest happenings across social media like Twitter and Facebook, and presents new words related to relevant discussions and trending topics including news, celebrity gossips, sports, technology and so on in the suggestions. This feature is only available for a few languages at this time though, including US / UK English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The company states that support for more languages will also come later. Lastly, the personalization feature has also been improved ,with support for learning from the emails you’ve sent from Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

SwiftKey Screenshot_2013-07-24-12-28-57

SwiftKey Cloud is available as a limited time Beta, which you can try out via the download link provided below.

Download SwiftKey Cloud Beta

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