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Drawnetic For Android Turns Simple Sketches Into Artistic Animations

Fresh to the Play Store, Drawnetic is a fun-filled and unique sketching app that analyzes your drawing patterns, and then automatically converts your piece of artwork into wonderful kinetic drawings or animations in real time. On the forefront, Drawnetic works just like a conventional drawing tool that provides you with a canvas to sketch and doodle on using a variety of customizable brush types, stroke styles, color combinations, painting tools, background effects, animations and other tools. Once done, you can enjoy seeing your rough sketches transformed into vivid and visually-rich animated graphics, thanks to the app’s automatic generative system. Besides sporting plenty of preloaded sketches, Drawnetic features a dedicated online library from where you can download several graphics shared by other users, and share your own masterpieces with the rest. Each animation created via Drawnetic can be saved to local storage or cloud, and replayed as many times as you like.

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According to the developer, Drawnetic was specifically designed for a select few high-end Samsung Galaxy devices. However, it should work on almost any device running Android 2.2 or higher. Drawnetic shouldn’t be seen as an alternative to your routine drawing or sketching apps (like Infinite Painter), since its core concept is based on kinetic drawings only. Once you’re done with your drawing, you can enjoy watching various animations and dynamic effects applied to your strokes, and that’s what sets Drawnetic apart from other sketching apps!

Drawnetic-Android-Library Drawnetic-Android-Sample1

On the app’s main screen, you’re presented with a bunch of sketches featured by Drawnetic. Each sketch can be played, shared to Facebook or Twitter, and deleted from the local library. To access Drawnetic’s online library, hit the cloud button at the bottom. Remember that any sketch selected from the online library will automatically be downloaded to your device, and can be accessed from the main sketch library mentioned above.

Tapping the pencil button, you can enter the app’s drawing interface. The bottom part lets you access all the sketching tools, each of them further supplemented with various adjustable parameters and controls that help you set the exact brush style, effect velocity & distortion, paint color & source, background, opacity levels, stroke width & speed and animation speed.

Drawnetic-Android-Sample2 Drawnetic-Android-Attributes

Just choose and tweak the desired tool, and start sketching on the canvas with your fingers or stylus to see the drawing automatically transformed into beautiful animations. As mentioned earlier, you can see the animations being applied to the drawings in real-time, replay a sketch as many times as you want , and temporarily disable animations to fully concentrate on the drawing part. One of the two eraser tools offered by Drawnetic allow you to dismiss the present effect without losing the drawing progress itself, while the other resets the canvas altogether.

A sketch can be saved to the app’s local library using a custom name and tag(s). There is also the option to save your drawings as static images in the Drawnetic folder on your device’s SD card. You can download Drawnetic from the Play Store for free via the link provided below, but before that, don’t forget to have a look at the app’s demo video to see it in action.

Download Drawnetic For Android

Visit Drawnetic Website

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