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Earbits Radio Mixes Local Music With Online Recommendations On Android

Music has been with mankind for as long as the recorded human history itself. Since music industry has grown into an incredible size, so has the ecosystem of apps and related services intertwined with it. For the past few years, services like Last.fm, Spotify, Pandora etc. have become among the top choices of most users for listening to streaming music on almost every mobile and desktop platform. Though that doesn’t stop new entrants to hop onto the bandwagon and provide something fresh. Earbits Radio is an engaging music discovery app for Android and the web, and lets you listen to music that is stored on your local storage as well as stream it off the internet. The service is aimed at independent artists and labels who want to promote their music without much effort. It allows them to place bids and get discovered by users who use Earbits on the platform of their choice. More details after the jump.

The Android variant of Earbits sports a stylishly designed interface. The application automatically scans the music on your internal storage and presents alternative recommendations based on music genre of your local tracks. Tracks are played at random by Earbits, though you can control the music discovery level between your local tracks and those hosted on Earbits servers. Tapping a recommended genre from the home screen starts playback. Speaking of playback, the streaming quality is fairly top-notch and music is usually instantly found by the app. The playback screen itself looks elegant, with large album cover taking up most of the screen, along with playback controls for play/pause, next and previous at the bottom. You can also swipe left and right to quickly switch between playback and home screens.

Earbits Earbits_Playback Earbits_Swipe

While the randomly generated recommended tracks can be played for free, you’ll need Groovies (in-app virtual currency) for listening to music on-demand. According to the developers, Groovies are designed to pay back artists and labels, and keep Earbits operating for free. Groovies can be earned via promoting an artist’s track on Facebook. The more recommendations you provide, the more Groovies you earn. The app even lets you earn Groovies via saving tracks to Favorites. In terms of discovering what’s fresh or suites your taste, you can browse music in terms of channels and artists by using the buttons at the bottom for the purpose.

Earbits_Connect Earbits_Channels Earbits_Profile

Tapping the Account button lets you specify how often Earbits should rely on your device’s internal storage and its own server. In addition to this, it allows you to re-analyze music from your phone, which can come handy if you’ve added more music to your local collection.

Earbits for Android is available at Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free via the link provided below.

Download Earbits For Android

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