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Easily Copy Select Web Content To Evernote With EverClip For Android

While there’s no doubting the astounding note-taking proficiency of Evernote, things can become a bit tough while clipping stuff from webpages on your mobile device. This holds true especially if you’re looking to clip just select material instead of the entire webpage itself. For instance there might be just an image of interest on the webpage that you want to clip, or you might want to save just the main contents, a required text portion, an image snapshot of a part of the web page, or its URL, instead of the complete article itself. If you’re looking for an efficient web clipping app for Android that can store select content in your Evernote account, EverClip might be just what you’re looking for. Let’s find out more about this handy app after the jump.

As mentioned above, you can use EverClip to clip an entire webpage or a specific URL, image, text, snapshot, article contents, document files and other web material from any webpage to your Evernote account. EverClip works independent of the Evernote Android app. However, you’ll obviously have to grant EverClip access to your Evernote account in order to access your Notebooks.


EverClip comes with a built-in web browser interface that lets you open the web page to clip the material from. You can also import a webpage to EverClip using the universal share option of your Android device. Using various tools, you can select required content to clip with just a few taps. Once the required webpage loads completely, all you need to do is tap the dotted square button to activate the clipping mode.


By default, the entire webpage is selected for clipping. However, using the up/down navigation keys on the bottom toolbar, you can narrow down or expand the content selection that you wish to be included within the clipboard. Once you’ve selected the required item(s), just hit the ‘Save’ button at the top to clip it instantly to your Evernote account. To clip a select portion on the webpage, hit the dotted square button sporting the ‘x’ cross mark. Next, tap the required segment on the page to highlight it, and finally hit the Save button to clip it accordingly.

The app’s sidebar keeps track of your recently clipped items, complete with their respective thumbnail previews. Also, it is from the sidebar that you can filter out clipped stuff by custom keywords. The app’s settings screen lets you toggle the real-time clipboard monitoring services of EverClip, along with the option to monitor the stock Downloads app for inclusion of new entries.


EverClip is available in the Play Store as both an ad-supported free version and $2.49 ad-free variant. The free version of the app allows monitoring of just 5 clipped items at any given time, while the paid version is capable of storing as many as 1000 different items to its clipboard simultaneously. Download links to both the variants are provided below.

Download EverClip For Android (Free)

Download EverClip Pro For Android (Paid)

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