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Easily Manage Or Delete WhatsApp Data On Android With WCleaner

WhatsApp has become ubiquitous as the free mobile texting solution of choice for millions of users around the world. The service enables you to not only send and receive text messages but also images as well as audio and video clips. The messages are stored on your SD card in an encrypted format that isn’t directly readable in general purpose file viewers or text editors. Over time, all this content can keep on accumulating over your device, consuming significant amount of space and not serving a purpose for those who don’t care about keeping all their old conversations. Therefore, it may be desirable for many to periodically delete it. Also, if you are selling or giving your device away to someone else (lets say a family member) without performing a full factory reset, you’ll likely want to manually remove your personal content from it, including all those Whatsapp conversations. WPCleaner Beta is a free app that lets you view all the content sent and received over Whatsapp categorically, and allows you to quickly delete any or all of it. Let’s find out how after the jump.

Whatsapp creates a folder on the SD card that houses its ‘Messages Backup’ files as well as all your sent and received pictures and videos. However, audio clips are stored in a different location, and WCleaner lets you open and delete those as well.

WCleaner Beta  1 WCleaner Beta  5

The app’s interface is as easy to understand and use as it gets, showing you the total size of all files as well as the number of files of each type, and letting you delete them all in one go, delete only certain types of files, or select and delete particular files from any category. When you tap on any file category (let’s say Images), you are shown the space taken by files in that category, in addition to the number of files in it. To delete files of your choice, mark them using the provides check boxes, and tap ‘Delete selected files’.

WCleaner Beta  3  WCleaner Beta  2

For files such as images, the app displays a preview and once tapped, you can choose to open the file, delete it, or save it. If you’re wondering what the saving function does when the files are already saved on your device, it lets you copy the file from the existing location to another one of your choice on the internal memory or an external SD card.

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