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EasyTodo Is An Android To-Do App With Google Tasks Sync & Auto Task Creation

To-do list and task management apps – whether free or paid; minimalist or option-rich – are available by the dozens in the Play Store, and there are enough quality options to fit the task management and reminder needs of everyone. Amidst such a plethora of similar apps, it can sometimes prove tough to part the best from the rest. As is often the case, we keep a close eye on apps that offer something new and is worthy of recommending to our readers. One such app is EasyTodo that has just arrived in the Play Store. Barring a home screen widget, EasyTodo has almost all the features one would expect from a quality to-do list manager. From complete online syncing of your task lists with the cloud, to automatic contact and action suggestions for creating new tasks, EasyTodo has plenty of options for everyone.


For starters, EasyTodo has complete Google Tasks integration to keep your personalized to-do list in sync with cloud in a way similar to our previously covered Tasks. Better yet, the app’s support for handling multiple accounts helps you keep a close tab on all the tasks falling under your personal as well as Google Apps accounts. For each account, you have the option to specify multiple task lists, each recognizable by a user-selected color bar. Don’t want or need to sync with the cloud? You also have the choice of using EasyTodo in Local Mode. Though linking your Google Account(s) with the app allows you to have all your online tasks and to-do lists synced with across all your devices.


Another neat feature of the app is its ability to automatically create a new task based on events such as missed calls or upcoming birthdays of your contacts. In addition, it offers several handy features such as task prioritization, categorization & sorting, customizable task-based reminders, sharing of individual tasks & task lists with contacts, universal search, gesture-based navigation & action controls, detailed logging of upcoming, completed & overdue tasks, and most important of all, the option to instantly define new tasks with the help of automatically suggested contacts and actions.

The app supports a handful of commonly used keywords for various apps and actions that can be quickly searched for and assigned to select contacts while creating a task. As you keep typing into the app’s new task text field, it recommends the relevant terms to you such as shopping, call, SMS, email, texting, calculate, maps and what not! In the same way, you can instantly pick your contacts you want to link with the task. After a task has been created, you can use the app’s main UI any time to quickly launch the relevant app in order to perform the required task. Likewise, while reminding you of any such task, EasyTodo also provides you with the option to perform the action using the relevant app.


Tapping an item on your to-do list allows you to set the relevant task priority, adjust reminder settings, share the task with your contacts, delete it or modify its basic details (deadlines & reminders etc.). From the app’s settings screen, you may set the default action to perform when you swipe sideways on an item. In this regard, there is the option to mark a task as ‘done’, switch between different lists, or do nothing at all.

It goes without saying that EasyTodo has all the basic ingredients that are mostly found in quality (and paid) task management Android apps. However, the lack of a widget for your home (and lock) screen keeps it from posing immediate challenge to some of the crowd-favorite tools like Any.DO and others.

EasyTodo requires Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or higher to run, and can be downloaded from the Play Store for free from the link provided below.

Download EasyTodo For Android


  1. Odd. Tried to download; got message it’s not compatible with Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Download to Razr is OK.

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