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Echo Sorts Alerts By Type On Your Lockscren & Reminds You Of Them [Android]

Notifications are an essential part of Android but the default notification system of the platform can be annoying and frustrating at times, especially when it throws a boatload of alerts at you. Nevertheless, who would want to be notified if someone followed them on Twitter or an old pal liked their embarrassing photo?. This is where the new app Echo Notification Lockscreen comes to the rescue. This simple app aims to replace the stock lockscreen of your phone with one that’s more functional, puts greater emphasis on notifications, and splits them according to their significance for you.

Once you have downloaded and installed Echo, you can begin setting things up. First and foremost though, you will need to enable it from the ‘Notification access’ screen, which can be easily done on first boot of the app; simply tap ‘Get Started’, and then enable it.

Echo Lockscreen_Intro Echo Lockscreen_Enable

Echo is a lock screen app (as the name pretty much says it); it replaces your stock lock screen with one that puts your notifications front and center. The app carries a clock widget at the top along with date and battery usage. The rest of the area is taken by your incoming notifications as they appear.

Echo automatically divides them into appropriate headers for you. For example, all incoming missed calls, emails and text messages go under ‘Priority’. Notifications regarding Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. will appear under ‘Social’, while everything else will go under Work or Others. The app doesn’t let you specify which notifications should appear under what type of header, which is purportedly its major shortcoming. For example, my Facebook notifications, for some reason, automatically appeared under Priority, and there was nothing I could do about it.

On the bright side, Echo has an interesting feature that lets you ‘Echo’ an alert. When you swipe a notification to the right, for instance, it will ‘echo’ it, enabling you to be notified again at a specific time (after one hour, morning or tomorrow) or when you’re out and about, or connect to a specify home and work WI-Fi.

Echo Lockscreen_Notifications Echo Lockscreen_Notificaiton

Speaking of Wi-Fi, Echo also allows you to specify both your home and work Wi-Fi networks so it can track which Wi-Fi is currently in use. The app lacks customization options and only lets you specify a custom password.

Echo Lockscreen_Main Echo Lockscreen_Home

The app is currently in alpha testing, it’s available for free at the Google Play. You can download it to your device via the link below.

Install Echo Notification Lockscreen from Play Store

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