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Poppy Gives You Email Notifications That You Can Reply To From Anywhere [Android]

Android’s notifications one-up iOS notifications because they can be made more interactive. Android is after all open and that means more features. Email Popup: Poppy is an Android app that gives you richer email alerts on any screen. Like the alerts in the notification area, you can interact with the alert but it takes the interaction further. You can reply to the email directly from the email without having to switch to the email app. The message can be marked as read, and deleted as well.

Once installed, you will have to configure your email account first. The app does not connect automatically with one of the accounts you’ve configured on your device. You can add any type of account and multiple accounts can be added at once. To add an account, launch the app and tap Email Accounts. You’ll have to enter your email ID and password, after choosing which type of account you want to add. You can choose how often the app checks for new email, which is your preferred email client for that account, and more.

From the app’s own settings, you can manage the volume of the notifications and a do not disturb mode. The popup’s appearance can be customized from a selection of themes. You can compose and save a quick reply message that can be sent from the popup and you can have the entire message body appear in the popup, among other things.

Poppy settings Poppy add email

The popup shows the email subject and buttons for closing the alert, opening the message in the preferred email app, and replying to it. Tap the more button and you can mark the message as read, delete it, disable the popup for that account, or reply to it from the email app.

Poppy alert options Poppy reply


Apart from configuring the email account, you won’t need to use the app much so there is little to comment on regarding it’s interface. The app is easy enough to set up and that’s all that matters if you aren’t going to use it. The alert themes are what would concern a user and you have a large selection of colorful ones to choose from. Some of them might be a bit too loud but it depends on what you have as your background wallpaper. As far as features are concerned, a simple blacklist feature would be nice to keep the alerts from popping up when you’re playing a game. The app is ad free.

Install Email Popup: Poppy From The Google Play Store

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