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PAUL For Android Is A Smart Online Media Aggregator With Automatic Downloading

Wish you could access your favorite videos and music gathered from various online video and social media services under one roof? How about an app for your smartphone that can automatically download all your favorite content at a time of your choice each day, so that you can enjoy seamless playback of your favorite media anytime and anywhere? Want your Android device to keep you updated about the latest videos to be featured on your favorite online services on a dedicated home screen widget? If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then PAUL by Inmobly is just what you’re looking for! Fresh to the Play Store, PAUL is capable of aggregating and automatically downloading the latest videos and music from the likes of YouTube, CNN, ESPN ScoreCenter, Last.fm, Facebook and Twitter at user-specified times of the day, so that you don’t have to buffer all the stuff again and again. In doing so, PAUL not only saves you ample bandwidth, but also ensures that you have access to all your personalized media content even when you’re not connected to the internet.


PAUL claims to learn about your choice from your online and social media viewing habits, and curates your audio and video feeds accordingly. You can affiliate your social network accounts with the app and also specify the volume of content you want PAUL to include in your feeds from each supported service. In addition, you can let PAUL know at what time(s) of the day are you mostly connected to the internet. Once configured, the app automatically starts preloading vides from the chosen services according to your configuration.


To keep you updated about the total bandwidth PAUL saves for you through its smart data compression technology while downloading content from each supported service, the app offers a detailed data analytics feature. Using the app’s My Savings screen, you can sift through all the relevant statistics for daily, monthly and yearly usage. You can also allocate the maximum storage capacity on your SD card that PAUL can use to cache content. You also have the option to retain all the saved content for a short, medium or long period.


The app’s home screen features tiles for each of your configured services, along with a notification counter for each tab that keeps you informed about the total number of downloaded videos available from that particular service. Apart from checking out these videos, you can also share them with your friends. Tapping a video title begins playing it in the app’s native player that offers basic playback controls and a seek bar.


PAUL also comes with a wide range of home screen widgets, each offering information and quick access to your favorite audio & video content from the supported services, as well as bandwidth-relevant statistics. There is also a generic widget sporting all of the above information, including the latest audio & video feeds as well as all the informative content.


PAUL is currently compatible with devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later, and can be downloaded for free via the Play Store link provided below.

Download PAUL For Android

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