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Evernote For Android Gets Huge Facelift, Swipe Gestures, Location View & Plenty More

The official Android client of the popular cross-platform note-taking, syncing and sharing service, Evernote, has just been updated to v4.0.1. The favorite note-taking of many Android users (including me) looks an altogether new product as compared to what it looked just the last night, as the most recent update brings plenty of visual goodness, including a thorough ICS-style facelift, brand new homescreen interface with larger buttons to create notes, enhanced in-app navigation via various swipe gestures, context-sensitive action bars for every single app screen, map-view for notes, friendlier navigation while viewing/reading notes, new-look Notebooks and underlying Notes, revamped Notes list with option to switch between various views, and more user-friendly feel right throughout the app’s entire interface.


Let’s begin right from the app’s homescreen. We now have a completely overhauled main interface that presents you with four large buttons to instantly create a new plain note, or the one based on a freshly captured photo, audio or any other attachment file. Right above these four buttons, you have your search bar and a dropdown that reveals your user profile, complete with the username, current usage (of your allotted 60MB of online storage), and the options to check the detailed Account Info, jump to the app’s main Settings screen, or Sign out of Evernote. Beneath the four said buttons are various quick navigation controls for your Evernote Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Places. The extreme bottom of the homescreen displays the last sync time of your notes from the selected Evernote account.

Swipe towards the left from the homescreen, and you’re taken to your personal Notebooks screen that lists all your various Evernote Stacks (folders for Notebooks) and Notebooks, along with the total number of notes contained within each. Tapping the notes count reveals a dropdown with options to Enable Offline Sync of that particular notebook, rename the notebook, manoeuvre it between various stacks, or modify its sharing settings. The action bar at the bottom of this screen lets you create a New notebook, sort notebooks by title, note count or user, and search for the required notebooks from within the stacks.

Swiping towards the left from this screen lets you navigate to the tags and places screen, respectively. While the action bar at the bottom of the tags screen provides controls to sort and search for tags, the toolbar on the places screen lets you search for your notes-based locations, and more importantly, lets you launch the map, on which you can view all the various locations where you created your different notes.


Now let’s look at the changes implemented within a specific Notebook’s interface. Once you head over to a certain Notebook screen, you can use various controls on the action bar at the bottom to create a new note, view notes as snippets or list, sort notes in multiple ways, or search for the required notes from within the current notebook. Tapping the menu button at the extreme right lets you launch the map, share the current Notebook, or add the selected Notebook’s shortcut to your device’s homescreen.


The action bar at the bottom of a Note’s screen houses options to edit the Note, share it via a compatible app, search across Notes for required keywords, add new tags to the Note, move it to a different Notebook, launch the Note info screen, create that particular Note’s shortcut on your homescreen, delete the note or email its copy to anyone. Once you start scrolling down a note, the title bar and action bar automatically disappear to provide you with a full-screen view of your Note.

So, all in all, it’s a pretty impressive update that Evernote for Android has received. The app was already way ahead of the competition, and this latest update will certainly help it propel to newer heights. Lastly, the Holo-themed app columns, menu buttons and various toolbars serve as the icing on the cake.

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