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Fabrik: Elegant Holo-Themed eReader For Android With Dropbox Support

We know that you’re fond of reading, and are always in hunt for some quality eReaders for your smartphone. That’s why we keep bringing you some of the best available solutions in this regard. Take the previously-reviewed, crowd-favorite Aldiko Sync for that matter. Not only is the app a very fine multi-format-supported and tablet-optimized eBook reader, but also supports syncing your content with Dropbox cloud storage. Fresh to the scene, and developed by XDA member eirikrwu, Fabrik is yet another beautifully-conceived, Holo-themed Android eReader with Dropbox support that makes accessing your eBooks, complete with reading progress, on the go a breeze. Currently in beta, the app has the capacity to automatically fetch any new eBooks added to your Dropbox storage, and can also keep your existing books’ reading progress in sync with the cloud. As of now, it supports TXT, EPUB & MOBI formats, and brings to the table several nifty features that are surely going to make your eReading experience on Android all the more enjoyable. In addition, its tablet-optimized, dual-pane layout and support for full-screen reading helps you digest most of your books’ content from the same screen. Also, the day/night reading modes, customizable fonts, adjustable font size, easy sharing options, subtle animations, orientation lock, volume key scrolling, and menu-based easy navigation to desired segments of the book, all account for a pretty impressive cloud-based eBook reader for Android.


Upon the very first launch, the app prompts you to authorize it to access your Dropbox account. Next, it requires you to specify the Dropbox folder with which you wish to sync all your Fabrik content. As mentioned earlier, any new (supported) eBooks that you add to the Fabrik folder on your Dropbox folder are automatically detected by the app.


As you keep reading books, the app logs your progress, displaying it alongside the book titles on its home screen, while at the same instant, syncing it with the cloud, all by itself. In case your books sport a cover, fine; if not, the app can automatically do that for you, too. Just make sure that you’re connected to the internet so that the app may find relevant covers for your books. To delete a book from your library, just hold down on it for a couple of seconds and press Delete.


While reading, you can use sideway swiping to sift through the pages, or you may benefit from the slider at the bottom to quickly jump to the required portion of the book. To adjust brightness, all you need to do is swipe vertically on screen. Various buttons at the top let you launch the table of contents, select from a different font type, adjust line spacing, and share the book with your buddies. Button present above the aforementioned slider at the bottom let you adjust font size, toggle between day & night reading modes, and lock screen orientation for convenient reading. Not to mention, if you wish to start reading your books from exactly where you last left, Fabrik has your back!

Download Fabrik For Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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