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Feedly For Android & iOS Gets Facelift, Smart Search, Sharing & More

The official mobile client of the crowd-favorite RSS feed reader for Android and iOS, Feedly, has been updated in the Google Play Store, as well as the iTunes App Store, with a host of new changes. If haven’t yet had a chance to try out Feedly, you better get your hands on the updated variant now, simply because it’s downright awesome, courtesy of a totally revamped UI and all the various new features that the latest update has brought along with it. Besides a much more intuitive and minimalist UI, the app now supports brand new means of discovering interesting items via a fresh navigation bar, ably supplemented by real-time suggestions for your queries. The app’s integration with the popular blogging platform, Tumblr, is a welcome addition, as is the option to instantly share favorite content on Facebook & Twitter. Feedly now displays top news channel recommendations under their respective categories for various supported localized editions. That’s not all; the update also adds a couple of different gestures to close currently open articles. All that, coupled with the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, accounts for a pretty impressive update.

Feedly-Android-iOS-Update-Sept12-Gestures Feedly-Android-iOS-Update-Sept12-Tiles

The app’s revamped design seems to have been, for the most part, inspired from another hugely popular multi-platform news aggregator, Flipboard (barring the flip-style animations). However, there is also a touch of newness with the updated Feedly app’s interface, as it presents users with a couple of panes (hidden in the left and right) that let you quickly access your saved/subscribed content and explore fresh items with ease. The app sports a customizable layout that can present you with the news stories in a couple of different views (list, cards & mosaic). Navigating to different items within your news feeds is as simple as swiping across the screen. To save an item for reading later, just long press it.

Feedly-Android-iOS-Update-Sept12-PAne Feedly-Android-iOS-Update-Sept12-Search-Subscribe

While the left pane presents a breakdown of the latest, bookmarked and subscribed news sources, as well as the app’s main settings via various color-coded tiles, the right pane offers advanced content discovery options. The latter comprises a dedicated search bar, localized Feedly editions, and all the various popular news sources that you can subscribe to in order to fetch the latest content from. Availability of all the sources under their respective category/genre makes picking required content a breeze. Sharing via Facebook and Twitter is simple, too; while reading an article, just hit the Menu button and pick the social network of your liking to share the content with your online friends. To navigate back to your feeds screen, you can long press or double tap the article.

Feedly-Android-iOS-Update-Sept12-Search Feedly-Android-iOS-Update-Sept12-Share

As always, Feedly is absolutely free on both supported smartphone platforms. The demo video provided below focuses on the fresh changes that have been included within the updated Feedly app.

Download Feedly For Android

Download Feedly For iOS

[via LifeHacker]

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