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Find The Noise Level Of Your Surroundings With Your Android Phone

If people have ever complained that you play music too loudly or you sometimes find yourself wondering if the noise level in the baby room is too high for an infant to enjoy a good nap, or you just randomly wonder how loud a particular place is, Deciber is a free Android app you might want to try out. The app is a simple, one screen utility that can measure the noise level of your surroundings and report the highest and average levels in decibels. It connects with your camera so that you can screenshot your screen to include your location. The noise level readings are superimposed on the screenshot that you can share with perhaps a noisy neighbor and make a compelling case for them to quite down a bit.

Install Deciber and run it. The app doesn’t ask for any extraordinary permissions. The camera turns on by default and there isn’t any way to turn it off. The app is fairly sensitive and it does a pretty good job of measuring loudness picking up on a rise and fall in noise very quickly.

We tested the app out in a quite-ish room where nothing other than a laptop fan and a few clicking keys were making any sound. The reading Deciber gave remained constant with the noise but it did shoot up when a conversation started. Likewise, the app was used when music was playing in the background and again the reading was pretty accurate.

deciber deciber-1

The purpose of the app is to aim it at your surroundings, wait for a reading to appear and take a screenshot so you can share it. It’s like sharing a really nice photo with weather details but Deciber can have so many other uses that don’t involve the camera or screenshots i.e. finding out how loud you are and if people are likely to complain. I just wish there was a way to turn the camera off but other than that, the app is great with a nice clean UI to boot.

Install Deciber From The Google Play Store

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