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Firefox 16 For Android Brings Reader Mode & Sharing Of Individual Tabs Across Devices

Mozilla Firefox, one of the crowd-favorite  desktop web browsers, has progressed to version 16, bringing along with it a plethora of new features for both platforms. While the desktop variant of the popular browser seems to have benefited the most from the latest update, the Android equivalent has brought a couple of noteworthy features along with it, too. To begin with, the latest iteration of Firefox for Android now supports a Safari-like Reader Mode, which undoubtedly is a great step ahead in enhancing your reading experience. Not only the reader mode strip away ads and bloat content, it is actually laced with several neat tools, such as day/night reading modes, font and margin adjustment options, easier bookmarking and sharing, and more.

The app now also lets you instantly share individual tabs with your desktop and other mobile devices via the Firefox Sync feature. Moreover, the browser now has built-in security against the recently discovered set of unauthorized USSD codes (or ‘Dirty USSD’ codes) that can cause a complete data wipe on certain Android devices.

All other routine bug fixes and improvements apart, it’s the Reader Mode that attracts the most. The feature is easy to access and even easier to use. For articles on most websites, you should now see a tiny book-shaped icon at the right edge of the URL bar, tapping which launches the Reader Mode. The neatly laid out interface of the Reader Mode presents you with the article only, complete with  images and hyperlinks. The bar at the bottom contains options to bookmark the article/page to your Reading List, access said list, toggle between day and night reading modes, adjust text size and page margins, and share the article via a compatible app.


The Firefox Sync feature, that primarily focuses on sending tabs across other devices, was actually added in Firefox 14, but as our review of that particular update indicates, the feature barely worked for us. Not only does it now work like a charm, it now allows you to share individual tabs across devices using Android’s native Share menu. To set up the sync feature, navigate to Menu > Settings > Sync option on the mobile app. Next, head over to the sync tab on your desktop browser’s main settings window, click Pair a Device, feed in the pairing code that appears on your device, select the account that you want used with Firefox Sync, and you’re good to go.

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