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Flash Blink Uses Camera LED Flashlight For Selected System & App Notifications On Android

Ever wondered if you could use your Android device’s camera flash for more than just snapping pictures in low light conditions? How about having it blink whenever you receive text message or call, especially if your phone doesn’t feature a dedicated notification LED for the purpose? Flash Blink is a small Play Store app designed to do just that. It can trigger your LED flash upon incoming notifications for such as SMS, calls and even third party apps like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can use the app as simple torch light via its minuscule widget. It works flawlessly on most Android devices that have a flash, and worked without a hasssle on all the devices we tried it on. Details to follow after the jump.

The feature offered by Flash Blink isn’t new, and there are many options available at Play Store that offer this functionality. We chose Flash Blink because looks simple and barebones, yet carries all the settings you’ll require. Upon launch, you see a torch light icon, tapping which turns on the LED flash for manual triggering whenever needed. The Settings screen of the app is where you’ll find all its configuration options. You can control a lot of aspects of the app under General, Flash Control and Advanced Settings sections. The General screen lets you enable or disable flash light notifications for incoming calls, SMS, alarms and third party apps. You can select each of these individually to enable just the ones you want.

 Flash Blink configuration screen 

The Flash Control screen houses a few additional parameters that allow you to control the blinking itself. For instance, you can disable the flash notification when screen is On and specify flash count (75 being default). There’s also an option to set total flash time in milliseconds, and set whether to pause after each flash or not. Flash Blink lets you specify separate blink rates for each supported feature, so that you can enable only the ones you require. For example, you can set a separate Flashlight On duration and Pause interval of the Facebook app. To that, just tap and hold over the required app until a small pop up menu appears, from where you can adjust both these parameters using the available sliders.


In a nutshell, Flash Blink is a very simple-to-use flashlight notifications application that works without a hitch while giving you all the flexibility to tweak it to your liking. You can download it for free via the link provide below.

Install Flash Blink from Play Store

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