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Flip Launcher For Android Adds Mini App Drawers Along Screen Edges

Multitasking on Android can be achieved in a variety of ways, as we have already seen with a number of different apps. For instance, with Dock4Droid, you get a scrollable roll of recent apps at the bottom of your screen. 1Tap Quick Bar and Taskbar Task Switcher let you quickly navigate to an app of choice right from within the notification shade, SwipeSwitcher allows you to quick launch required apps by swiping in from edges of your screen, whereas Popup Manager installs a ubiquitous on-screen button, tapping which launches a dedicated task manager pop-up. Flip Launcher, a fresh addition to apps from said genre, aims to add a bit more variety to the concept. Based on the same concept that governs SwipePad and SwipeSwitcher, Flip Launcher has the capacity to add a maximum of six different Flipppers (app drawer ribbons) along screen edges, each customizable in terms of its layout, screen position and the apps that it can hold.


Needless to say, each ribbon set via Flip Launcher is persistent in nature (omnipresent), meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere within the entire OS. Besides toggling a ribbon’s visibility, you have the the option to customize its color, screen position (left or right), and the apps that it should hold (each ribbon can hold a maximum of four apps). You can set the opacity and width of the ribbons as well.

Another noteworthy aspect of Flip Launcher is its ability to hide ribbon indicators from the edges of your screen, converting them into completely invisible mini app drawers. However, availing this option demands that you remain aware of the edge and exact spot of each so that you may be able to access a ribbon in the very first attempt.

Flip-Launcher-Android-Home1 Flip-Launcher-Android-Home2

One you flip open a ribbon for the first time, you’re presented with four empty slots, each capable of holding an app shortcuts of your choice. You could fill one ribbon with your favorite social apps, reserve another for frequently contacted numbers, and a couple others for games or productivity tools. The app worked like a charm on our Galaxy Nexus (running Android 4.1.1). The only restriction, is that it currently only supports portrait orientation.

Flip Launcher is free but ad-supported, and as of this writing, does not have an ad-free version. The link provided below will take you to its Google Play Store page.

Download Flip Launcher For Android

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