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Dock4Droid Is Android’s First Dock Task Manager

Google mobile operating system, Android, and customization go hand in hand with each other. The platform is highly flexible and adaptive in in every sense of the word. Along with mass customization, another thing that strikes about Android is its capability to handle multitasking. In this regard, there are plenty of alternative options out there which allow users easily monitor and switch between their Android tasks and apps. The developer behind the previously reviewed Taskie has revamped the gesture-based task manager and released the same app to the Android Market with a new name – Dock4Droid.

Dock4Droid provides a highlighted (as per default settings), perpetually accessible gesture area at the very bottom of the screen that allows users to quickly switch between recently opened applications with the swipe of a finger but unlike its predecessor, Taskie, it displays a good-looking scrollable icon-roll of recent tasks.

The latter makes Dock4Droid a faster and more effective task switcher than its predecessor and most of the other task manager apps available on the Android Market.

Android task managers are aplenty in the market, each trying to bring some new ways of accessing your recent apps, but if you wish to keep your options closer to the dock, Dock4Droid has your back. The improvement of Dock4Droid over Taskie is a significant one, and is there for all to see. The visual tweaks and eye-pleasing animations in the dock region complement the ample functionality that the app brings to the table. Unlike its predecessor, Dock$Droid provides you with an iconic view of all your recent apps, making selecting the required one a breeze.

The icon-roll also eliminates the need for the additional gestures that were a part of Taskie. However, as mentioned in our review of Taskie, the gesture area requires getting used to. As per default settings, the app causes the device to vibrate whenever the gesture area is accessed. If your finger lands on said area accidentally, simply swipe upwards and out of the area or sideways, out of the icon-roll to to avoid launching an app.

The free version does not allow users to change the app’s default settings. However, for a price of €0.69, Dock4Droid Unlock allows you to change the maximum number of icons in the roll, curve of the icon-roll, highlight color, icon offset and more. Links to both the variants of the app are provided below.

Download Dock4Droid For Android (Free)

Download Dock4Droid Unlock For Android (Paid)


  1. Nice initiative, but can’t be working seamlessly with the swipe gestures of the LauncherPro dock, can it?

    • There’s always a chance your finger will slip onto the gesture area while accessing the dock. You’ll find the issue addressed in Taskie’s review. It’s true, it takes a little getting used to.

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