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flippr: Access Widgets From Any Screen, Any App On Your Phone [Android]

What can a floating button on your screen do? Just about everything imaginable. It’s one of the most common ways developers make theirs apps easily accessible from any and all screens on a device. flippr is an Android app that puts all your widgets a swipe away. It adds a floating button that you can swipe to access widgets from within other apps,. The apps continue to run when you use the widget and you can swipe it away and return to the app when you’re finished. In addition to calling a widget, the app also lets you create groups of widgets and switch between them, all from the app’s button.

Launch the app and create your first group. You can group apps based on the type of widgets you’ve added to it. Enter a name and tap the cog wheel button to add widgets to it. The app doesn’t add any widgets and you can only choose the ones already installed on your phone. When you’ve created your groups and added widgets to them, tap the play button at the top.

flippr group flippr app

A notification will appear in the Notification Area to indicate that the app is running. You can stop the app from the notification. A blue button is added to the left of the screen. Tap and slide it to bring up the group of widgets in the current group and use them like you normally would from your home screen. When you swipe the button, an overlay appears to tell you which is the active group. To switch groups, the app instructs you to swipe the button horizontally but we had no success with it.

flippr running flippr widgets


From the app’s preferences, you can enable the app on boot, and disable the app’s running notification. If the widgets aren’t fitting right on your screen’s width and height, you can increase or decrease the number of rows and columns configured for your launcher from the app’s preferences. The app’s button, i.e. the bubble can be repositioned, and appended to the opposite side of the screen. The size can be increased and it can be made transparent or less opaque. You can disable the group and widget names and set the widgets to auto hide themselves after you’ve interacted with one of them.

flippr pref flippr pref2


The app works well so long as you’re switching between widgets within a single group but switching between groups isn’t working and there aren’t any work arounds for it. The app will not work with widgets developed and installed on your system by your device manufacturer.

Install flippr From The Google Play Store

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