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Flo Rates How Well You Drive, Helps You Improve [Android]

How confident are you in your driving skills? Good driving can be summed up as avoiding traffic tickets, staying out of accidents, and following traffic rules but really if you didn’t do all that you’d get arrested or have your license revoked. At the very least you’d pay a fine. So if you’re really just following rules are you a good driver? Use Flo on your Android device to find out. It is a very interesting app that scores how you drive. You’re penalized for things such as hard breaking, hard acceleration, sharp turns. When you accelerate smoothly, take a smooth corner, or brake easy, the app gives you points. Your drive is divided into 1KM segments and you get rated for each segment. At the end of the segment, you can see how well you did. Flo lets you record several trips and then compare your driving over the week.

Install flow and launch it before you get into your vehicle. Launch the app, (sign in  if you want to or skip the step) and tap the little driving wheel button to start your first trip. You can pause the trip any time so if you need to make a stop for something you won’t have to restart your trip. Trips can be paused and resumed from the notification area and from the app.

drive flo status bar

Start driving and the app will let you know what you’re doing well and what you’re doing poorly. It shows you the distance you’ve travelled, and how long you’ve been driving.

easy break hard acceleration

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, tap the flag button to mark the trip complete and you will get the following summary of that trip. Tap Overview to see how you’ve done over the week. The app uses GPS to track your location and will tell you where you started and ended a trip as well as the total distance you traveled.

overview  week summary

By default, the app measures distance in kilometers but you can change it to a different unit from the app’s settings which you can access from the navigation drawer. You can set the app to automatically record trips when it detects you’re in a moving vehicle and you can enable night mode to view the app screen easily at night. The app lets you check back on previous trip from the All Trips tab in the navigation drawer.

setiings weekly summary

Try it and find out how well you drive.

Safety Warning: The screenshots from the test drive were taken by a passenger and not the person driving the vehicle. Do not engage with your phone needlessly while driving.

Download Flo From Google Play Store

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  1. I really love this app, it’s making me a better driver! I’m saving fuel
    and working on a greener environment, not bad as a student I guess…

    @Fatima Wahab did
    you mentioned you can view back your trip? For me it’s one of the
    better featuresJ

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