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Floata: Add A Floating Button To Your Screen To Tweet From Any App

I’m no Twitter junkie, but I’m absurdly picky when it comes to mobile apps that are created for it. Since the humble beginnings of Android, I’ve seen plenty of 3rd party Twitter clients making their way to the Google Play Store. That probably means that the competition is tough for new developers to bring something fresh to the table which can enhance your Twitter usage besides offering something unique. Floata is just that app which I found particularly helpful if you need to tweet something quickly whenever, wherever you want. Because, unlike traditional Twitter applications, Floata can float over other apps, allowing you to access it by simply tapping on its miniscule icon.

Floata is one of those apps that many Android users aren’t going to like much. The reason being its barebones interface and limited Twitter access. The basic premise is to let you post tweets from anywhere on your Android, be it your web browser, camera interface or anything else. You can simply tap on its floating icon will will let you compose your tweets on-the-go. The app doesn’t allow much customization either, and honestly, I’m not thrilled by that. Floata is just a simple application built for a simple purpose in mind.

Floata_Main Floata_Icon

When launched for the first time, you can tap ‘Log in’ on its home screen to sign in to your Twitter account. Once that is done, you can activate or deactivate Floata anytime by tapping an ‘On/Off’ switch on its home screen. When you enable Floata, a small floating icon appears on your screen, which you can easily drag anywhere you want.

When you tap on this icon, a small Tweet window pops up, where you can write your tweet and hit ‘Tweet’ to instantly post it to Twitter. The floating window also displays total character count so you can easily know if you’re within Twitter’s 140 character limit or not. Since its just a simple app, this means Floata is extremely fast, and runs extremely well even on older Android devices.

Floata_Bubble Floata_Bubble AT

Floata isn’t perfect, though. Although I like the interface, and I love how accessible everything is, the app sometimes opens a full screen UI rather than showing the small Twitter window. Floata currently works on all Android devices running 2.3 and up. You can download it for free from Google Play via the link provided below.

Install Floata from Play Store

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