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New Features In Firefox 30 For Desktop & Android

Firefox 30 is out and you can upgrade now from the help menu. Since it’s the first update after the new Customize options were introduced in Firefox 29, you might need to search for the upgrade option. Click the options button at the top right, and you will see a help button next to the large Customize button at the bottom. Click it to reveal a new pane of help options which include the About Firefox option. The new update is mostly fixes and many new developer options. In this new update, plugins are disabled by default except those that have been whitelisted or that are installed when you install an add-on. A new button has also been added for toggling the visibility of the bookmarks and history side bar. With the new desktop version, a new mobile version has also been introduced and it offers more for end users. You can add your favotire share functions to the context menu just by tapping it, and you can subscribe to RSS feeds from any web page and read them on your home page with the aid of a new add-on called Home Feed.


Firefox 30 Desktop

Plugins Disabled

If you visit the plugins tab after upgrading your browser you will see that each plugin that you’ve installed is set to Ask to activate unless it’s on the safe list.

ff 30 plugins

Bookmarks & History Side Bar

Open the customize menu and you will see a new button that you can drag out on to the options menu or on to the tabs bar for opening bookmarks or history. The side column isn’t unique or new to the interface but the button is.

ff 30 sidebars

Firefox 30 Android

Share Options In Context Menu

Tap the more button in Firefox and then tap the Share button. Depending on which apps you’ve installed on your device you will see a long list of options for sharing the current tab you have open. The two options that you use most frequently will appear in the context menu so that it’s easier to access them. To get them there the first time, you have to use the options at least once.

share share buttons

Feeds On The Home Page

With this latest update, there is nothing stopping you from using Firefox as an RSS reader. You need to install the Home Feeds add-on to use the feature. You can add as many feeds as you want and swipe between them from any new tab. Read in detail about setting it up here.

home feeds feeds

You can read the full change log for the desktop and mobile version on Mozilla.

Download Firefox 30 for Desktop

Download Firefox 30 from the Google Play Store


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