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Floating Touch Brings An AssistiveTouch-Like Persistent Mini-Launcher To Android

If you’re an Android user who has at any point admired something about iOS, then you probably didn’t have to wait long before someone developed an app to mimic that same feature for your device. Floating Touch is one such Android app that doesn’t just imitate AssistiveTouch on the iPhone, but actually does it better by giving users the freedom to choose what controls are added to their screen (a little like previously reviewed Easy Touch). It basically adds a floating orb to your screen that, when tapped, fans out to a disc with nine other controls. Five of these can be edited to open an app or operate a phone function of your choice such as the back key or the home key. If you upgrade the app, you can even add folders as shortcuts here. Thus, the disc of controls can be considered a combination of an app launcher and a settings panel.

The app activates as soon as it’s installed, so you will see the orb appear along the right edge of your screen. Open the app to customize the disc since only four controls are added by default and the other five are empty. Tap one of the empty slots and select what you want to associate with it. The four default controls let you lock your device, access quick settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc, go to the Home screen, and clean your device’s memory.

Floating Touch disc Floating Touch controls

When assigning something to the available slots, you can choose to add actions or apps, each from their own tabs in the selection screen that pops up. You will notice that while the app itself does not require root access to work, some particular actions will require your device to be rooted in order for them to be added to the control disc, as you can see for the Back and Recent apps actions below.

Floating Touch apps Floating Toucha actions

Besides being able to select which apps and actions appear on the control disc, you can also customize the look of the disc. The ‘Panel’ tab lets you select one of five colors for it and the ‘Point’ tab lets you choose one of five preset icons for the orb. If you upgrade the app, you can use your very own icon too. The size of the orb as well as the size of its outermost ring can be increased as well, which helps you spot the orb on your screen should you have a very dense background.

Floating Touch color Floating Touch button

Floating Touch isn’t smart like AssistiveTouch in that it won’t reposition itself if it is interfering with an app control, and it does not appear on the lock screen of your device either; it can only be appended to the edge of the screen.

Install Floating Touch from Play Store

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  1. I installed the app and I really like it. I went Pro, and also submitted translations for the software for French. I was told by the author that those translations should be available with the next update.

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