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Flow Is An Android Reddit Client With A Gorgeous Card-Based UI & Built-In YouTube Player

Flow for Reddit is a new Reddit app for Android that focuses on two things: Reddit, and a good interface. Despite being in pre-beta, it seems to be working exceptionally well The app supports multiple Reddit accounts, makes it extremely easy to upvote/downvote content, has a built-in YouTube player, and makes sure the content that’s being shared is front and center. Image previews load with links, you can easily use filters to sort both comments and the links themselves, and conversation threads are easy to follow. Flow for Reddit doesn’t have any big features to speak of other than the YouTube player; it’s the app’s interface that’s the real selling point. It offers both a card-like interface as well as a simple list-based one that you can easily switch between.

As with Reddit, you do not need to sign up or sign in with any account to use Flow for Reddit. Though for using some features such as upvoting or downvoting anything, you will have to sign in with your Reddit account, but that goes without saying. When you launch Flow for Reddit, you will see the links from the front page. If you don’t like the default list view, you can enable the card view from the app’s settings. The number of upvotes/downvotes for each link can be seen from the main page in both views.

Flow for Reddit Flow for Reddit card

Flow for Reddit has two navigation drawers; one on the left and the other one the right. The left one lets you sign in to your Reddit account, switch to a different sub-reddit, access the app’s settings, and select a different theme, while the right one allows you to filter the sub-reddit or the Front page’s content by time or popularity. You will notice that each comment has a vertical bar next to it in a different color, which makes it easy for users to distinguish between replies to comments and the comments themselves.

sign in sort

You can upvote/downvote content by tapping the up/down arrows in the card view, or by tapping and holding a link in the list view. Comments can be sorted from the menu button at the top-right. You can switch to the sub-reddit that a link has been shared to by tapping its name from the navigation bar, and post a comment as well.

reddit image link sort comments

To share a link yourself, you can use the plus sign that appears in the action bar once you have signed in. You can post both text and URLs directly to a sub-reddit of your choice. Flow for Reddit is a very well-designed app and while many developers focus on making browsing easier for large screens, Flow for Reddit is really great to use on small screens as well.

Install Flow for Reddit from Play Store

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