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Meet Flyne, An Offline Android News Reader By The Devs Of Falcon Pro

When the web was still new, keeping a tab on new content around the internet was not as easy as it is nowadays. Then came RSS readers, and everything changed for the better. RSS is a technology that allows you to keep track of your favorite websites and instantly receive updates from them. Google Reader was a popular name in this genre until Google pulled the plug on it. Now that we have all had some time to get the despair out of our way about its closure – and most of us have even settled with some alternatives – new reader apps are still pouring in. Should you have been looking one for Android, try Flyne. Developed by the folks behind Falcon Pro, what makes it different from most other news readers is that it can fetch data to your local storage for offline reading. The app also has a premium version that lets you connect your Feedly and Twitter accounts to it.

Flyne Flyne Dark

Sporting a user-friendly interface, Flyne simply looks great. It boasts a flip-through design, and you can navigate between feeds via swipes from the right screen side. Getting started is fairly simple. When launched, you’re asked to select your feeds source. As mentioned earlier, it allows you to add Twitter lists and Feedly to fetch data directly from there. Alternatively, you can manually specify feed categories from scratch. You will find a bunch of categories such as Android, architecture, design, food, humor, people and more; all you have to do is mark your desired items from the list and tap Done.

Flyne Flyne Sources

Flyne then starts fetching information from the internet and presents content that fits your needs from popular blogs and websites. In other words, Flyne works more like a Flipboard-style news reader than a conventional RSS client. The app also allows you to save your favorite content so you may read it later when you have time. To do that, open a story and tap menu followed by the Save button. You can access your saved content later from the navigation drawer, which can be brought up via swiping from the left edge of the screen. It also lets you add more sources if you wish.


Flyne also offers a few customization options under it Settings screen. For instance, you can change the automatic synchronization interval and cache size, and toggle Wifi-only mode. You can also switch between light and dark theme by toggling Night Mode. Lastly, there’s also an option to change the text size.

Settings Sync Display

While not the most feature rich content aggregator around, Flyne is still a good app to keep a tab on your favorite sites.

Install Flyne from Play Store

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