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Formvote Brings Its Vote & Discussion Based Q&A App To Android

Curious about who’s going to win the most number of gold medals at the London Olympics, and who’ll have to make do with the wooden spoon? Want to get the general public response about the best vacation spot in the world? Itching to find out which smartphone OS is better between Android and iOS? As long as you’re content with getting just plain text-based answers to all your burning questions, you can resort to a variety of online services, such as Ask.com, Yahoo! Answers and Answers.com, but if you’re looking for a Q&A based platform that blends the elements of crowdsourcing with socializing and interactive vote-based answering, then you must give Formvote a try. Using this user-friendly platform, you can post your own questions, supplement them with images, videos and all the available choices for answers, and get the opinion of worldwide users. Similarly, you can view a live feed of questions posted by users from all across the globe and help them with finding the answers by voting on their posts. Formvote also lets you follow other users’ posts, make friends with them, share private messages with them, and indulge in discussions on any post that requires some sort of argumentation to help you reach to a better conclusion. How about posting and voting on questions on-the-go right from your Android smartphone? That’s right, the official Formvote app for Android and iOS has just recently been released to the Google Play Store, as well as the iTunes App Store, and we’ll be reviewing it for you after the break.

Formvote is a welcome addition to the list of crowdsourcing and Q&A based Android apps, including the likes of LocalMind, the official Android client of Ask.com, Weddar and VocalBee etc. The app’s interface is fairly simple, as the entire focus is on either posting your own questions or casting votes on the questions of other users.


The bar at the top comprises tabs about the live Formvote feed, your friends requests, personal messages, notifications and updates from your favorite users. Using the tabs at the bottom, you may filter just your Friends’ Posts or Public Posts. The remaining portion of the screen is filled with questions posted on Formvote. However, to begin with your surveys and voting, you’re required to log in to the app using a Formvote account. Signing up for a new account is free and can be done right from the app’s startup screen.

The app’s main interface is packed with questions posted by worldwide users. Alongside each question are the available choices for the answers. To vote on an answer, just tap the preferred option. Remember that you’re allowed to vote an answer just once, and, quite understandably, cannot vote on your posts. The icon in the top-right of each post can be tapped to initiate a discussion on that particular question, whereas the icon under the avatar of a user can be hit to follow, report or hide the post.


To post your own question, hit the Formvote icon in the top-right, feed in the question, pick the total number of available choices for the answer (minimum two), and hit Post. A good thing about the app is that it lets you supplement both the question as well as all the answers with relevant images. In case of an image-oriented post, tapping the image will be enough to count your vote in.


Although the Android variant of Formvote is quite effective in fetching you the answers to your most sough-after questions, in terms of features, it’s still somewhat constrained as compared to its web counterpart. For instance, the web app also supports displaying detailed demographics about the answers that your questions have amassed. In addition, it lets you befriend with other users from around the world, and post video-based questions.

That being said, one can only hope that the future iterations of the app will include not just the missing features, but also expand the pool of answering modes. The demo video provided below is a perfect illustration of the routine situations where Formvote can come in more than handy.

Download Formvote For Android

Download Formvote For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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