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GeoLog By Chainfire Offers Adaptive Location Tracking On Android

If you’re an Android enthusiast, you must have heard of Chainfire – the popular Android developer best known for his CF-Root for Galaxy S series devices, and developing apps like SuperSU, Hotspot Control and many more. GeoLog is the latest project that the guy has been working on lately. It’s basically a location-tracking app takes full advantage of Google’s new Fused Location Provider and Activity Recognition APIs that the search engine giant demonstrated at this year’s I/O conference. So, what makes it different? GeoLog is designed to precisely determine your position without hogging your phone’s battery, and it achieves this by using the device’s various sensors like GPS, Wi-Fi, accelerometer etc., to accurately guess whether you’re standing, walking or riding a bicycle.

Part of inspiration for GeoLog came from Chainfire’s upcoming trip to Costa Rica, where he’ll be taking loads of pictures with his DSLR. Since his camera lacks any GPS tracker, Chainfire plan to use the GeoLog app for precisely determining the location of his photos, and then geotag them upon returning home. Although he cites that the app is still in early alpha and not as feature-packed as he intends it to be in the final build, GeoLog is fairly usable and works on most Android devices.

So how does it work? The interface of GeoLog carries different profiles, each defining the characteristics or conditions under which it should be used. For instance, if you’re walking down the street, you might want to switch to the ‘Low Power/Slow’ profile. Likewise, if you’re standing still, ‘Low Power/Fixed’ should do, while ‘Low Power/Fast’ would be better-suited in a moving vehicle. The available profiles include low power, high accuracy and photo walk. You can also further personalize each profile according to your liking by tapping the small pencil button. The app then allows you to change profile name, the delay time before reducing accuracy, and a few more settings under ‘Activity Unknown’ and ‘Activity Still’.

GeoLog GeoLog Profile Configuration

Although there are other similar location trackers available at Google Play Store, the aim of GeoLog is to reduce tracking time and save as much battery juice as possible. The app also logs everything including time, activity, battery percentage and location coordinates for future reference or analysis. From the Settings screen, you can change units between imperial and metric.

Log Settings

GeoLog supports exporting the information to the two popular formats i.e. GPX (Adobe Lightroom) and KML (Google Earth). It’s available for free at Google Play Store and you can grab it from the link below.

Install GeoLog from Play Store

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