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Get Notifications When There Is A New Google Doodle Game

Google uses doodles to mark noteworthy historical or major global events. During the Olympics, Google had a new game-doodle for every day of the event. Google doodles, when they’re just bits of art are neat in themselves but Google does add a game every now and then. If you usually find out about a a play-able doodle through someone else, or when it’s too late, you’ll be glad to know that’s about to stop. Google, through its Google app for Android, now lets you enable notifications when there is a new doodle available. Here’s how to turn them on.

You must have the Google app installed on your Android phone. Make sure you’re running the latest version as this is a new addition to the app.

Open the Google app and tap the hamburger icon at the top left. Tap Settings in the navigation drawer. You will see a ‘Notifications’ option on the Settings screen. Tap it and on the Notifications screen, turn on the ‘Doodles’  option.

google-search-settings google-doodle-notifications

This will enable alerts, through the Google app, for interactive Google doodles. For simple, static doodles, you will not get any alerts. You must allow the Google app to send you alerts.

The Doodles option works for all interactive doodles which means it isn’t exclusive to games. While you will not receive an alert for static doodles, you will receive one for doodles that feature a video. This means your notifications will on occasion include doodles you can only watch and not play.

For anyone interested, you can always go back and check out an old Google doodle that is no longer live on the Google search page. Google has a repository of every doodle, interactive or otherwise, available. If you can’t remember the occasion that Google released a particular doodle for, simply use the search feature to search for it, e.g., Pacman.

These notifications are only available on the Android version of the Google app, for now. We hope it will be made available for iOS soon.

via Android Police


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