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Glimmr For Android: A Simple Holo-Themed Flickr App With Groups & Sets

Flickr, the photo-sharing wonder by Yahoo!, is undoubtedly an addictive platform that offers high quality service to its users, courtesy of its beautifully-laid-out web design and an equally promising official mobile client. Speaking of Flickr apps for mobile, while the service’s official Android app lets users search for, edit, share and explore photos in plenty of different ways, there are certain third-party offerings that try to replicate the functionality of the ‘real thing’, allow browsing geo-tagged images, and create a live wallpaper from your favorite Flickr photos. New to the scene, Glimmr is a simple yet neatly-designed unofficial Flickr client for Android that is amongst the very first alternatives to sport the crowd-favorite Holo theme. Although currently under development, the app already packs quite a few tidy features that can make you fall in love with Glimmr. Right from its elegantly designed home screen to the subtle customizations, the app is all about keeping things simple. As of this writing, Glimmr is, in no way, ready to threaten the official Flickr Android app, but if you’re after something a bit more Holo, Glimmr is certainly up for grabs. Details past the break.


First up, Glimmr requires  you to authorize the app to access your Flickr (Yahoo!) account. Once logged in, you can sift through your Flickr photo stream, Sets, Groups, as well as the photos shared by your Contacts by swiping sideways. One area where Glimmr has an obvious edge over its counterparts is its mode of displaying photos on grid. The photo thumbnails are adequately large, presenting you with a better preview of the image. Alongside each thumbnail, you can view brief stats and the username.


Tapping a thumbnail lets you preview the image in full-screen where the bottom segment comprises a toolbar, complete with the options to comment on the photo, add it to favorites, and check its detailed EXIF info, including ISO, shutter and aperture.

In terms of preferences, the app lets users toggle notifications for new activities, as well as whenever your contacts upload a new photo. In addition, it allows you to specify the sync interval to check for fresh content over the internet.


Glimmr is available in the Google Play Store as a free and $1.95 variant. Both versions are ad-free and support more or less the same set of features. The paid app is currently more of a donation version, but in the coming days, that’s the one which is likely to receive all the feature updates sooner than the free version.

Download Glimmr For Android (Free)

Download Glimmr L (Pro) For Android (Paid)

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