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Glovebox Is An Ubuntu-Inspired Android App Switcher With Catchy Themes

From the creators of the previously reviewed Home Network Settings comes Glovebox – a remarkably simple yet effective Android multitasking and app switching tool based on more or less the same concept as that of Unity Launcher and numerous other app switching solutions we’ve recently covered, Glovebox by FBarrosoApps lets you instantly switch between your apps and various system features from anywhere in Android with the help of an interactive, customizable and vertically scrollable sidebar filled with your favorite app & system shortcuts, widgets and actions etc. The main difference between Glovebox and its peers is that this tool lets you switch back and forth between the items without even lifting your finger from the screen. That is, once you trigger the Glovebox switch list by interacting with an edge of your device’s screen, you can launch an app or associated action by simply gliding your finger over the relevant icon. To add a visual appeal to the experience, Glovebox also offers you quite a few attractive themes that can be applied to your personalized app switch list.

Glovebox-Android-Help Glovebox-Android-Sidebar1

With Canonical so close to bringing the gesture-driven Ubuntu experience to certain Android smartphones and tablets, developers all across the world are determined to offer users with a similar multitasking solution through their own offerings, and Glovebox portrays yet another fine example of just that.


As with most similar solutions, Glovebox is customizable in terms of the width, height and positioning of the area alongside your device’s screen edge that you can interact with to reveal the switch list. To state it more precisely, the app’s settings screen lets you trigger the vibrate option upon touching the sensitive area, enable/disable transition effects, adjust the sensitivity level and bar opacity for the sidebar region, select the preferred screen edge between right and left, adjust the bar’s density, enable/disable the top and bottom margins for it, and opt to keep the app’s notification shade widget persistently visible for quick access to Glovebox settings. Needless to say, you can position the items on the app’s switch list as per your requirements.

Glovebox-Android-Settings Glovebox-Android-Add

When it comes to the aesthetics, Glovebox offers the following themes at present:

  • Default
  • Ubuntu
  • Light
  • Dark
  • LBP

The Theme screen also hints at various customizable icon packs that will presumably be added in the upcoming iterations of the app.

Glovebox-Android-List Glovebox-Android-Sidebar2

Once you’ve set the sidebar/switch list preferences according to your liking, you’re ready to avail Glovebox’s services from any screen across the entire OS. For this, just tap the preferred screen edge, swipe in to reveal the Glovebox app switch list, and just move your finger over the required item to access it instantly. Should you opt to cancel the action, just swipe to the left.

Glovebox-Android-Add2 Glovebox-Android-Sidebar3

Glovebox is available on the Play Store as a feature-restricted free app. Through in app-purchasing, you can grab the Premium version to populate the Glovebox switch list with unlimited items instead of a select few available in the free variant. Moreover, the full version lets you access all the locked preferences, and also receive brand new features pushed out in the latest updates before users of the free version.

Download Glovebox For Android

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